How to use MLR for real time slicing …

i saw this video of king britt a couple of month ago and i always wonder was this little box called monome is.
now i know a little bit more about it and i wonder how i can do the same with monome and MLR like king britt do in this video. he is talking about a “hacked” version of MLR …
as far i understand he is realtime recording a synth and chop it up. can i do this with MLR or are there specific adjustments (“hacks”) on the software to do?

minute 3:30


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not sure if this is the exact thing he’s using, but this works every time. it’s brilliant, has an input module that allows for a ton of cross-wiring options in Ableton to get audio sources (external or internal) plugged into MLR lanes.

this is also how Brian uses mlrv in these constanzo/crabtree/gilligan videos:


perfect! exactly was i was looking for. managed to get it work with gridlock and push 2 :slight_smile:

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Hey I was curious on how you got it to work? I’m currently trying to set it up with my launchpad/push2 and am having some difficulties :sweat_smile: