How to use other monome M4L patches with Small Batch

Hello, I have been loving raptor x lately and would like to incorporate it in small batch patch included in elquintos suite. I imagine some editing of the raptor patch would be needed. I would even be satisfied if I could include autofocus into the raptor patch. Im not skilled with max and would not know where to begin so any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I was a bit sleepy when I posted this. I now realize the title misleads one to infer I would explain how to use other patches within small batch.

@elquinto suite has beguiled me for many months now and I love it. The raptor x patch by pewt is such a clever app… I love it. I want elquinto suite and raptor x to love each other.

Can you explain how to have small batch work with other patches?
And, did el quinto change his suite to not have small batch in there? I can’t find it.