hpns (happens) is a selected randomness step sequencer using ‘clocks’.

…video soon.

2 sequencers.
each has selectable note, time division and octave. loop positions and rate control.
each step provides a random combination of the ones selected on the grid pages.
internally clocked only, at the moment.

future possibilities: synth engine, softcut, ii.

hpns was created as, and will be an ongoing learning project.
heavily based on parc https://github.com/monome-community/parc, by brian (thank you).


norns, grid, crow


crow outs:
out 1 = track 1 pitch voltage
out 2 = track 1 trigger/gate
out 3 = track 2 pitch voltage
out 4 = track 2 trigger/gate

norns controls:
K2 = page left
K3 = page right
ENC 2 = select parameter
ENC 3 = set selected parameter
(left column is track 1, right column is track 2)

grid controls:
top row (left to right): track 1, track 2 notes, divs, octaves settings
settings page:
rows 2&3: single press ‘jump to’ , double press sets loop points
rows 4&5 = track rates
rows 6&7 = gate/trigger lengths
other pages set step triggers.

navigate to page ‘play’ and turn enc 3 clockwise, to start.

no note selected will pause for the length of time division (as set per divs)
no div’ selected defaults to a normal step rest
no octave selected defaults 0
crow drops occasional messages (likely a ‘me’ code issue)
start timing is a little bit off, but seems to correct by step 2.