(updated 200530)

hpns (happens) is a selected randomness step sequencer using ‘clocks’.

…video soon.

2/4 sequencers (version dependant).
each has selectable note, time division, octave transposition probable mutes (ansible only), loop positions and rate control.
each step provides a random combination of the ones selected on the grid pages.
internally clocked only, at the moment.

future possibilities: synth engine, softcut, midi out

hpns was created as, and will be an ongoing learning project.
heavily based on parc https://github.com/monome-community/parc, by brian (thank you).


norns, grid, crow, ansible (depending on version)



enc 1 - scrolls top bar (notes, divs’, octaves, play)

for notes, divs’, octaves:
enc 2 - scroll to parameter
enc 3 - set selected parameter
for play:
enc 2 - set global bpm
enc 3 - clockwise to play, anti to stop
key 2 or 3 (any page) - switch grid view from tracks to global

grid top row: 1 to 4 - track selection (each track has the below options) 9 to 12 - notes, divs’, octaves, mutes

notes, divs’, octaves pages
press any non top-row to toggle selection

1 option, per column.
percentage chance of a mute, from top to bottom; per division trigger
0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

norns screen columns represent tracks 1 to 4, from the left.
each column parameter matches the corresponding grid row (+1).
for example top left note (on norns) is track 1, row 2 toggle option (on grid).
bottom right is track 4, row 8 toggle. and so on).

global grid page
rows 1 to 4 play head and loop brackets,
per track single press to jump playhead double press to set loop points

rows 5 to 8 rate, per track.
defaults a ‘normal rate’ for 4/4
left mostly halves rate right mostly doubles it

trigger and cv match track number
either trigger on beat one only, or trigger every step (not division)
regardless of step mute. selectable per track, via params.

Crow Only notes/differences below.

crow outs:
out 1 = track 1 pitch voltage
out 2 = track 1 trigger/gate
out 3 = track 2 pitch voltage
out 4 = track 2 trigger/gate

grid controls:
top row (left to right): track 1, track 2 notes, divs, octaves settings

quirks for crow only version
no note selected will pause for the length of time division (as set per divs)
no div’ selected defaults to a normal step rest
no octave selected defaults 0
crow drops occasional messages (likely a ‘me’ code issue)
start timing is a little bit off, but seems to correct by step 2.




updated above to new version

now uses ansible for outputs


This does not appear in the maiden catalog. Not sure what it takes to get it there, but it sure would be nice. Hard to keep track of all these amazing tools being developed solely on remembering or flagging posts. Thanks @andy!