Hyena - Arithmomania (Cathartic Noise Experience, 2021)

Hello Liners!
i’m very glad to announce the release of my new e.p. Arithmomania on the excellent Cathartic Noize Experience label and distributed by one of the labels i love most, the mighty Praxis Records, home of the most uncompromising experimental hardcore electronic music since more than 20 years which also hosts the incredibly awesome Datacide, a magazine of noize and politics.
you can buy the vinyl version on Praxis:

or the digital version on CNE’s bandcamp:

Arithmomania is the compulsion to count and\or order things, events, syllables, words, steps, whatever, in organized groups. This work is intended to disrupt the obsessive patterns in the brain and is composed, performed (live) and recorded with my eurorack system (with the er-301 with a lot of my custom units as its brain)on an allen & heath gs3 24 tracks analog desk. post production consists only in minor editing and mastering. i add those details not because of purism or bs like that, but because the live performing with my hands aspect is important in my work ethos as (non)musician.

The artwork is by my dear friend Burla22 and here you can enjoy the video that my other dear friend a034 did for the craziest tune of the e.p. “Societas Delenda Est”:



djset at Radio Raheem (cosmic perspective radio from milan, italy) to launch the new record!
here you can watch it:

here you can listen to it: