I actually ported something to m4l


Here’s where I’m at. Moved stuff around to try and get an understanding of what’s going on. Replaced the serialosc object and set the argument to midi_slide.
I think a lot of stuff can/could get deleted for an m4l version. @elquinto could probably let us know real easily what is unnecessary. Nothing is patched to the midi in on the m4l patch yet!

midi_slide.amxd (168.5 KB)


I’m getting some slider action on my 128.

midi_sliiiiide.amxd (166.4 KB)

Stripping it down! How the hell do you make it actually to something in Live though?!

midi_sliiiiide_2.amxd (132.6 KB)


yeah ive been searching and looking at other patches, wracking my brain. what i think im going for is a way to make a patch that uses one of live’s midi preferances (where you select control sdurfaces) that way it work much like a midi controler. the only way ive seen iot done and used in the past is with midi remote scripts (liveOSC, pages, apc, livid, etc) so we may be poking in the wrong direction. as of right now we have faders, but they are on a midi track in live going to… where? a plugin? a vst? thats not what we want. we want live to pick up the midi and recognize and ultimatly assign the CC or note to a part of live’s API. You feel what im sayin?

if we were able to get the midi oput dropdown menu to pick up things like “Network 1”(OSX native midiu over tcp/ip", IAC midi driver (like in pages and liveOSC), or even Max 1 (max/msp’s dedicated midi i/o socket… because currently the only shit that get discovered is other .amxd plugins. Why is that? @elquinto or @tehn or @RABID is there a breif explanation of this behavior?





Midi learn to assign sliders would be perfect. Also the mapping style would work well. Like when you map macros. Some patches you click on and then the next parameter you choose is controlled by that original patch that was clicked on. That could also work (seems like the same way mapping works)…

I don’t have any experience in programming. The last few days of reverse engineering patches is the extent of my knowledge.

Have you used the sliders in your Insanity port? If so how does that function?



Found some tools to help us!




These look to be EXTREMELY handy fror discovering the “back doors”, shortcuts, and (if youre a star trek next gen fan) Jeffery’s Tubes of Ableton Live.

check em out what you think?


the first link above isnt worklinjg… dude does de3vel for a software companby or some shit… bummer looked promising!

And this one looks handy too good comments:

M4L Fader Object?

also check out Live’s ‘multimap’ m4l device. It has a great way of assigning parameters to controls and uses the Live api instead of midi.


Woaha! lot’s to study. Going to spend some time actually making some music now though. :grinning:
Been to much typing not enough tunes the past couple days! I will definitely be looking at all this stuff later today though. Thanks guys.


Thank you for posting the grid128- I’ve been looking for something like a modern mabalhabla app to use in m4l for a while.

If anyone has the chops to add drop down menus to select modes/scales for the horizontal dimension (something like the options in the intellijel metropolis manual page 12/13: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzldlsj8pc7f7x9/Metropolis%20v1.11.pdf?dl=0) and intervals (half, whole, fourths, fifths etc) for the vertical dimension, I would be forever grateful. In fact, I will happily pay whoever wants to whip this up for their troubles.


Try this patch that @ithkaa wrote: Notes.amxd (181.7 KB)
It has more options on it than ‘grid128’ does.

Check @ithkaa’s thread “control 128” for more goodies in this vain as well.


Hey Thanks man! This first post is really helpful to 64 owners like me…

I am just trying to make a simple set up to work with my VJ software and this helps tremendously.
I have had a look at the patch and wondering if you could advise - I am wanting to have notes on the horizontal columns of 1/4 & 8 as toggles and on the columns of 2/3/5/6 and 7 as piano triggers.
Is there anyway you can think of that I could adjust your patch to make this work for me?
Thanks in advance


Hi @Bloomboy,

I wish I could help you but my max skills are limited at best. I can sometimes accomplish somethings by copying and pasting code from other patches.

Also, can you explain what you mean by piano triggers? Maybe there are some other patches I could point you to that could, help but nothing that would do exactly what you are shooting for I imagine.


Hi Jasper

Yeah, thats the way I am learning too…!
What I really want to work out is how to have the top 2 rows of my 64 as toggle buttons and then 3rd row as momentary buttons (thats what my software resolume calls piano).

I will try to copy and patch something up myself.
I think it is a matter of making three alternative states of notes and having them incorporated into a single patch, but if you have and further ideas that would be huge help!

Thanks again mate,



There is an old school patch called 64insanity that would be right up your alley. You would have to update it though. It would be worth looking at the code at the very least i think. I should have a copy on an external somewhere. I’ll look later tonight.


Check out insanity. Halfway-ish down the page.

And what you really need is a 64 version of control.


A break from this problem for christmas and now on it like a car bonnet!
Thanks Jasper, yeah Control 64 looks like just what I need. I am going to try the 64 insanity too.
Will check back in with my results when done.


it is really welcoming to read about this journey up here. i am thinking about hoping to get to begin to be learning about porting patches into m4l. i wonder where you got your first start in terms of knowing exactly what needed to happen to translate reg max to live max, and have it work out. what about the ui visual side?

i feel like i should say, i am really enamored with a number of patches and digging into them…within max. and they send audio/control via soundflower or midi or what have you.

but i really desire this sort of autonomy and ability to so easily call up great patches within ableton as it is my creation environment.


Hey dude,

Awesome name.:slight_smile:

I had to do all my porting in ableton m4l editing mode. I don’t own max. I would copy and paste between max and m4l patches a lot. At times having many different editing pages open and trying to dissect the different parts I wanted to add. Mostly I was just adding autofocus to patches that others made.

A bit of reverse engineering is a good method for my brain.

m4l patches for monome are plentiful and that is a great thing. :smile_cat:


How would I go about adding autofocus to the raptorX patch? I’m a max novice.

Edit: I said novice I should said clueless. I did hack something together which actually works but it looks like this: