I lost all my preset on ansible :(


I just lost all my work on ansible, i’m so sad ! I’ll play a live act this saturday and i lost every cv out of it…

Everything works perfectly, i power down the case, and everything was lost at power up the next day, just like that !

Any ideas please ?!
I really miss an usb-save now… And i’m affraid to use it again in my live setup…

So, nobody had this problem ?
Maybe i have a problem on my ansible…

Another thing, in level mode, when i use an external clock, the arc freeze after a few minutes…
The sequence is still runing but i can’t change anythings anymore.

have you updated your firmware?

i have no idea how you’d suddenly lose your presets-- that’s something i’ve never seen before. were there any particular circumstances you can report?

No, i didn’t. I worked and traveled with it since more than one year now… All was working perfectly, but all the stuff gone when i power up the next day (during a studio session). Nothing special… It’s happen just like that :frowning:

hello ! it’s happen again :frowning:
when i use level mode, all the visual are here on arc, but nothing happend on the CV out. strange !
but ! everything works fine in cycle mode…
any idea of what i can do please ?

did you lose cycles presets as well?

and are you saying levels shows preset data ie visuals, but just the cv out isn’t working? i need some clarification.

I didn’t have presets on cycles. So i don’t know sorry, But CV outs are working fine.

And yes i have data visuals saved, but the 4 cv outs are not working.

Teletype was connected to it…

when you restart the system you still have visual presets but no CV out? have you checked all of the settings within levels? has anything changed?

hum, yesterday, i restarded my system, disconnected the i2c and power of ansible. after that i reconnected only the power. and i had this problem.
but, this morning, after a night withtout any power, it works fine. Presets are here, and CV outs work fine too.
i’m sorry i don’t get it :frowning:
I’ll try with i2c, and i will let you know. is there a sort of short memorie in ansible ?

is your power supply being maxed out?

everything worked fine yesterday, and after a power off last night and power on this morning, once again i lost some presets… not all, just preset one and two of cycle… look what i have on the arc.

And power supply is fine, i have a 4ms power 40 for 2 rows.

maybe my ansible is faulty ?

and what happened when you cycled power immediately?

i haven’t seen a defective ansible, but let’s make sure your arc is ok: e-mail info@monome.org

It’s still the same when i power cycle it…
I’ll try to use it without teletype, just to see.

interesting this just happened to me - turned on the case and no patches (unlike the OP it’s of absolutely no consequence to me - I tend to only save patches while I’m working on them & rarely go back to them) - it’s a fairly cheap case by Iko (https://reverb.com/uk/item/14362173-iko-case-3-u-portable-black?gclid=CjwKCAjwkPX0BRBKEiwA7THxiNZoQYGzLBg_hm_bMWegmPIPFmj9k45RVZgGIUVz3E9rLbmI7qasdRoCuzsQAvD_BwE&merchant_id=194876578&pla=1&utm_campaign=1726164661&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google) although it’s been fine. Anyway just noting that it occurred