I Love this place. Forum appreciation, thanks, and positive stories

I see praise all over this forum, I figured a thread of good news and positive vibes could be good mountaintop to yell from.

The users here and mods have created an open minded and wonderful place to learn, help, and explore new ideas.

In times like these I figure positive stories and community are more important than ever. Share your stories about lessons learned, ideas, or just someone who was friendly and helpful. Give praise how ever you see fit. It feels good to give thanks.

Love you all and keep on being you.


I have to thank the entire Disquiet Junto challenges and community for some amazing experiences. I saw “disquiet” as a tag in so many tracks for years and thought it was a music label - Then finally caught up with my curiosity to see it’s this incredible weekly creative game.

The year or so I participated in the challenges was really intense and nicely mind-changing on different strategies, and it was also when i was deciding to quit drinking — Junto challenges kept my mind from needing a drink, particularly in that tough first year dry, so thank you so much for that. And I got exposed to some incredible musicians, too; so many interesting sounds and compositions and processes. I’m very appreciative in the intelligence, decency, and cool vibes of every post on lines.


That’s awesome. Thanks so much. It’s a community because you are part of it.


I’ve been reading this forum for a couple of years and decided to stop entirely lurking when the realities of 2020 loneliness became apparent for me personally. I often still prefer to listen more than speak, but this is one of the few places I’d feel comfortable doing so on the internet. I love it here. Thank you, Lines. <3


Totally agree on this. It feels like genuinely good place on the web. This is a rarity now but reminds me of the internet of the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Smart and friendly people who are all nerds about music (and a bunch of other things).

Mods have the right balance and Discourse as a software platform is one of my favourites.


Yes, very much so for me too, particularly in my case the late lamented Barbelith, which was another place full of knowledge and insight, and one where egregious behaviour and ideas were not only discouraged but challenged - and sometimes turned around for the better.

Likewise; it was entirely because of Disquiet that I ever found Lines, even though I’ve not participated in many of the challenges myself - but I have ended up with a Norns Shield…


I’ve made many new friends, found new supporters and new people to support, learned so many new things, and had several great sale/trade transactions and interactions with community members over the past couple of years. I love this place too and I’ll continue to recommend it to folks looking for less toxic and more inclusive music-centric communities online.


This place is very dear to me too. I especially like the community and the way discussions are kept on topic. I feel at home here and I feel happy when I can post an occasional reply or an audio snippet in “Latest tracks + videos”. Thanks to all contributors and moderators.


I found lines this year thanks to a lot of chance (see: Instagram algorithms). Long story short: A video @mattlowery posted tagged the lines community. The net effect of this video (Moog Matriarch study w/PWM for those curious) was that I discovered a side of not only Eurorack, but an approach to music making, that was very appealing to me. So I jumped into Euro and have begun a new musical chapter.

I also stopped drinking this year (in February) and had been devoting my evenings to making music which was fun, challenging, exciting, and frustrating all at the same time. I have also been trying to stay off of social media, which is a big change too. This community has provided so many great hours of reading and a constant source of inspiration. After being on for a while I participated in my first Disquiet Junto, which has also been great.

Being a part of this community has been such a positive for me. I’m actually recording again, I’m posting some music to SoundCloud on a somewhat regular basis, and the influence of everyone here is inspiring. I’m learning and pushing myself to create, but balancing that with just having fun and enjoying being a small part of a community. Thank you to everyone who posts! I really enjoy pictures of your setups, what you’re recording, learning how you use modules, and how you approach things.


On what has so far been a day full of worry, fear, and anxiety, this post is such good medicine for me. I am so genuinely happy that you are here, and am happy to have played a small part! Lines is a very special place, and is in many ways a refuge for me unlike any other. Glad you are with us!


I came here a few months ago thru member @Hermetic, who I originally knew from a form that rhymes with Wuff Miggler. I had grow really tired of the vibe there and he recommended Lines for being more diverse and positive, which it has really turned out to be. Thanks for this community!
So far the Process section has been my main interest, as I don’t do any Monome stuff and I’ve pretty over the endless flood of eurorack specific content.