I’m San Francisco (Bay Area) and looking for recommendations!

I’m in the Bay Area for the holidays and would love to visit some great shops, catch a show or two and just get to see some of what is going on out here. Does anyone have any good suggestions on things I should do while I’m here.

I’m here now and will be until January 4th.


Definitely check out the website bayimproviser.com for music listings of more outward-bound performances.

There’s a great sound art exhibit at SFMOMA through January 1.

Robotspeak is on Haight Street and sells some of the sorta gear we talk about here. If you eat meat the Rosamunde Grill down the block has excellent sausages and if you drink beer the excellent Toronado serves an absurd number of beers on tap next door.

Just a few thoughts as I wake up. Sorry it’s so cold. Unless you’re visiting from the North East, in which case welcome to a warm California winter.


Awesome! Thanks!

Yes, I’m in from Chicago, so it feels pretty nice here.


Tomorrow! Live beats n’stuff.


+1 Robotspeak is pretty cool. It’s like a dude’s studio that became a synth distro basement. There’s a bunch of instruments set up and you can play them.

Check out the Noisebridge hackerspace. It’s a community run anarchist hackerspace right off the 16th street Bart station! I will be there tonight building a controller.


Wicked. Looks like I’ll be up in the city this Saturday. I’ll try and swing by then.

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Rosamunde is also delicious for vegetarians! they have rad veggie sausages.


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Yeah if you’re around tonight, come by to this! It’s gonna be nerd beats and bass all night. I play at 9:10.

That was a fun show :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hell yeah ! Glad you made out !

Thirding on RobotSpeak - all MIDI/electronic stuff, classes, literally “underground” (ie, below sidewalk level) –

The SF Tape Music Collective is doing this 3-day event, unfortunately the day after you leave:

Anyone know of any interesting experimental music shows in SF this weekend? Venues or galleries worth checking out? I already stumbled upon Robot Speak completely by accident. Any other recommendations would be great!

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Lapalux is playing the rickshaw tonight. Some awesome Bay Area openers too. Russel butler ( modular techno ) and my dear friends rose cherami and idhaz ( ambient / noise / rnb ). It’s gonna be a good one


Animal Collective is doing a live score of Tangerine Reef sat & sun night at the balboa theatre. I’m gonna play opening sets. Should be pretty fun!
Unfortunately both nights are sold out and I didn’t get very many guest passes… Maybe u can find tix on CL…


I’m in the East Bay tonight with some free time, anything interesting going on?

PS. Going to this tomorrow night: