I wrote a book

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t sure if you’d be interested, but I think this is the kind of community where we like to hear each other’s news. Besides this was one of my “2017 Goals” so it’s kind of on topic.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about a book, which I’ve written.

It’s been edited, and I’ve already got some distribution for it, but am now crowdfunding the book to help promote it.

It’s called Every Shot Matters and is about minimalism, film photography, anti-capitalism and art.

Please watch the video on my Kickstarter:

Every Shot Matters is for you if:

  1. You’re an artist, analog or digital, in need of some inspiration.
  2. You love my photography - chances are you’re here on Kickstarter because you follow me on social media - if you enjoy my photos there, here’s a 180+ page book full of photos.
  3. You’re interested in minimalism, anti-capitalism and art.

This book collates original material along with articles I’ve written for Lomography Magazine and the Film Shooter’s Collective. It contains:

7 chapters on everything from the artists that have inspired me, right through to how to set up a minimalist analogue darkroom.
12 creative tasks to help you unlock creativity.
64 photos - If you love my work, this is a bargainous way to get your hands on a load of prints. Take a Stanley knife to the spine of the book and frame some artwork. I’ll even sign some specific pages if you like.

The kickstarter launched earlier this morning and is already almost halfway there!



Pledged and good luck! :smiley:

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Likewise,good luck @Simeon

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Good luck with this!
Lovely idea and nice to see you in the video. It’s always great being able to connect a name with a face.

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Congrats! Looks a awesome! Pledged.

Pledged! It looks beautiful and interesting, can’t wait to see the final product.

Wow! Thanks for your generosity everyone!


amazingly met 200% of target already! thanks again


Just starting to read this book, and it is every bit as inspiring as I’d hoped it would be.

Thanks for the kick in the pants! Time to get that shutter clicking.

I missed the boat on this.
Any chance to still get a copy?
Website link on Kickstarter leads to flavors.me which is no more.

Shit man! I was on Flavours me this afternoon making changes!! Can believe they’d just give up on it with no notice whatsoever!!

RIGHT! I’m going to get a new website up and running then… facepalm

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Oh, and @myecholalia, it should be on amazon in the next few days.


Great stuff. My bedtime read/look this evening. Looking forward to the hard copy. Congrats on a brilliant realised endeavour :grinning:

Thanks mate!

website update - Yup, looks like flavours just folded. I was working until midnight yesterday in the studio with a customer, so set my alarm for bright and early and think I got squarespace sorted. It should be live again now, providing DNS is playing ball.


Sorry to be “that guy” again, but something’s up with your certificate on the site. I’m getting a “Your connection is not private” error on Chrome. Going http doesn’t help as that still redirects to a secure connection, which then throws the same error message again. Safari shows a “Safari can’t verify the identity of this website” and refers to an invalid certificate.

Yeah, DNS certificates take up to 72 hrs to configure- they’re all there, just haven’t updated on all the servers yet.

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Alright, will try again on the weekend then. Thanks.

Bloody SSL certificates!

EDIT: Web issues solved

Now available everywhere.

Like here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Every-Shot-Matters-Minimalist-Photographers-ebook/dp/B071GPQX6L/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&coliid=I1IHH77A5JHI3Q&colid=2AVOC4J63VOGT&qid=&sr=


Cool, congrats! Marked this page so I can watch the vid at home.