a super saw synth with super feedback


“I warn you, Icarus, fly a middle course: Don’t go too low, or water will weigh the wings down; Don’t go too high, or the sun’s fire will burn them. Keep to the middle way. - Daedalus

for awhile I’ve been attempting to make a synth emulating the korg monotron delay, one of my favorite synths. I’m using the monotron on my current album a lot and wanted to make a softsynth of it which would be a little easier to use in my other scripts. this is a synth for norns that is close to what I envisioned, with some cool features not present in the monotron (pitch stability) but also still missing some of the intense time-swooping (I hope to get there soon).

the synth is presented on the norns with three controls shown in the landscape. the sun shows feedback and levels, the water shows filter and the position shows time. i recommend interacting with these facets in realtime to contour the sound. like icarus, you can keep to the middle, you can get burned up by the sun, or you can get swallowed up by the sea.


  • norns
  • midi keyboard


(plug in midi keyboard first)

  • E1 = time
  • E2 = filter
  • E3 = feedback
  • K1/2/3 does a bounce on those three

moving time forward causes the sun to more easily collapse.

lots of parameters in the menu.


;install https://github.com/schollz/icarus


This looks like fun! Thank you for making and sharing awesome scripts with us!

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Another beauty. Wow.

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Damn. Sounds great and the UI’s a very inventive melding of aesthetic sensibility and useful visual feedback.

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My dude I can’t keep up :slight_smile:


Always here for this kinda of interface design; visualising through metaphor really tickles me.


this needs to be the title of something, holy moly. fantastic sounds + visuals, another wonderful gift!!


Beautiful! I really love the UI, the sun looks awesome :clap: :clap::clap:

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Amazing UI, lovely sounds. Honestly I’m so impressed with the tools you are sharing. Thank you.


I love the sound of it. I’ve been thinking recently that norns needs more synth scripts.
Have you thought of adding MPE support? I think this would work great with the seaboard


20 chars of visionary


thanks @Zeke_B, @marcus_fischer, @MaxMyriad, @danbond, @infovore, @dan_derks, @Justmat, @Ravel, @Moneo, @tyleretters for all the kind words! hope icarus brings you some light in the darkness (or darkness into the light if thats your jam).

is there a script that does this already you recommend? I bet it would be easy to add, but I’m wholly unfamiliar and would be easily guided by example.


molly has MPE support:

[ molly_the_poly/molly_the_poly.lua at 067685977df7282aabfb4726ee5bc944eaa1d9cb · markwheeler/molly_the_poly · GitHub ]

as you can see, it does require the engine to be able to understand per-voice messages in addition to all-channel messages… here it seems pretty straightforward to map channels to icarusPlayers (should be fun to play with too!)


uaaaa sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try

EDIT: can’t get any sound out of it. Have my midi keyboard (akai lpk25) connected (and working with other Norns scripts,) and selected for ‘midi in’ in the icarus params screen, but nothing.


any error messages? you’re certain that engine volume is up in the norns mixer?

I have the same problem. Engine volume is at 0db. Matron shows this:

Any ideas?


What @zebra said. I saw that molly has it so I figured it might be a good idea for future developement.


any supercollider errors? did you restart norns after installing? can you set the attack to 0 seconds?

No supercollider errors, and adjusting the attack makes no difference. And yeah, I did restart.

Oh, and I tried with my QuNexus keyboard, and that one works fine! (But the Keystep 37 works with other scripts.)

(So, I’m off to playing it now. What a lovely script – thank you!)

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@vehka thanks for letting me know! its definitely a script issue I think! and I think I fixed it. if you (and @Cementimental too, since you had a similar issue) could try to update and lmk if it helps that would be awesome. the issue (I think) was that I handled midi numbers manually instead of using the norns midi library which probably ironed out this type of stuff already.

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