this script has been one of my fav’s since first receiving my Norns
thanks again @infinitedigits

theres a bug im experiencing where the Sun floats all the way to the right and into the water by itself. I can rotate E1 ccw to bring it out and back to the left but it just dives back in after release. im suspicious maybe K1 button or something else is getting sticky somehow? lol
as im typing this I just discovered it will do the same behavior in the opposite direction as well so I dunno…also checked to see if there was any accidental mappings but there aren’t - could having the MIDI channels set to All instead of a specific one be causing this behavior?

also sometimes Icarus requires a reset to recognize properly that MIDI ch 1 is no longer what it used to be (maybe a sensel morph or something else) and now something else (porto 1 from the USB - USB Hub from sevilla) when using ableton to send MIDI into Norns. it just leaves it blank until like I mentioned a reset of the settings

that is pretty much it, everything else is pretty smooth with all my experiences in Icarus land

anyone remember that game on NES called “Kid Icarus”, that shit was tight


Love this script. Thanks for it! I am +1 on the delay mix param.

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Has anyone used the LFO’s on a Digitakt for this script? I’m totally lost when it comes to MIDI and I’m trying to figure it out on this.

Not exactly what you are asking because I’m using Digitone LFO not Digitakt, but:

I hope you can see the setting on different Digitone MIDI screens. I’ve enabled the first MIDI track, and set it to channel 1. CC1 has a value, and the LFO is set to wiggle it.

Sound is direct from Icarus, Digitone on MIDI duty only.

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@xmacex That seems straight forward but how do you have Icarus configured, I think that’s where I’m running into trouble. Thanks for taking the time to shoot a video btw, much appreciated.

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Does this photo from my Parameters help? I used the learning function to set it up. It picks up Sound Controller 1 at CC 70 from Digitone i observe. I find MIDI cc a tad confusing since i usually kind of just to like to work with the CC control numbers directly starting from 0 rather than with the MIDI standard semantics, but yeah learning does it.

(PS the K1+K3 shortcut is gold. Also MIDI Monitor is gold. Loads of gold in norns land! :1st_place_medal:)

Sorry for the delayed response. IVE GOT IT WORKING NOW! I think I was over thinking before. Thanks a million for your help. 8 channels of 2 lfos… time to go nuts…


Actually no. I wrote that message, everything was working fine, I tried some other parameters (one at a time, never at the same time and always with the same CC value) and I lost it. I tried going back to the lpf, still nothing.

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Hmm ok strange, glad to hear it worked for some time, so you know you’re doing everything right. I’m not sure what could it be… not an unreliable physical connection?

I’ve stepped away from so I could return to the whole issue with fresh eyes and recheck everything. We’ll see what happens. I think the issue may just be that both devices are trying to act as a MIDI host?

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This could be where Digitakt and Digitone differ. I just have the latter.

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I see you put sustain/sostenuto pedal in your other scripts, any chance for updating Icarus?? :pray: :heart_eyes:


Finally used this, thanks to the gridkeys mod, and am blown away at how good it sounds. Really fantastic engine.

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thanks @Zop for the kind words :slight_smile:

unfortunately Icarus is a bit different in the way I made the engine (the sounds are always on) so doing a sustain/sostenuto pedal will really be tricky.

there is a version of icarus in mx.synths that lets you use the pedals though. although this version behaves a little bit differently (feedback doesn’t carry over between notes basically).

Sooooooo, I just got my Crow Module and was wondering, since Icarus is one of my favorite sound sources, if it is possible to use crow to send Pitch and gate via crow to Icarus? Unfortunately my coding skills are almost zero (actually zero). Has anyone gone down that path already?


Love this synth! Preparing a jam session / live concert with some friends and my main sound is based on Icarus.
I am using a keystep to play it and was wondering If it is possible to enable pitch bend and mod wheel in this script. Anyone knows how to do it? Especially the pitch bend wheel.


its not yet! I can add it when I get the chance. if you want to dig in and beat me to it you can just add a line here with something like crow.output[1].volts=(note-24)/12 (for first crow output).

I’m vaguely acquainted with the idea, but I don’t have the tools to check my work if I implemented it. there is an implementation that @sixolet very graciously added into mx.synths, and that would be what I would work from if I were to add it into icarus. that implementation is here. there is also a version of icarus in mx.synths (although it doesn’t quiet hit as hard because it doesn’t have the constant feedback), but it has the bend wheel enabled thanks to @sixolet.

Thank you. I had already found that commit in the mx.synths github. I will attempt to implement it in the next few days. If I succeed, I can submit a pull request to Icarus if you want.

Regarding the Icarus implementation in mx.synths… mine is full of noise whenever I play a couple of notes. I don’t have my norns with me so I can’t be more precise but does anyone has the same problem?

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Hey @infinitedigits sure, I will try to change the code to get cv into Icarus, but don’t be mad if all of a sudden everybody is only talking about fake domi and his sick coding skills (very unlikely, i mean, the veriest unlikeliest, more like definitely not going to happen).

Thanks for the hint and I hope you have a beautiful chill end of the year.

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If anyone wants to test/try the pitch bend implementation, there is a new branch (pitch_bend) and a pull request in the github page. If there is any problem, please leave a comment in the pull request page.


v1.4.0 - pitch bend

no problem! I will have blocks of time soon and can try to push it through :wink: