it’s odd cause I’m using microlab and it works just fine. Did you check which midi channel keystep is outputting on?

Thanks, updated it and it works great now :slight_smile: Really nice script, looks and sounds amazing :slight_smile:

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a flight with Icarus for last night’s noiz session.
(no association with Iron Maiden) :stuck_out_tongue:

two norns running @infinitedigits Icarus and one norns running @dan_derks Cheat Codes 2.
additional noiz support from Command Module 208c, Virus B, MBase11


Yeah all good now! Thanks!

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Dope as always! 20 chars

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This is fun as hell. Especially getting close to the sun

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Excellent script. Sounds great and simple but efficient controls (and very nice visualization).

I really like the option in the main params to stop feedback when pushing K3. It could alo be great when playing to have an option to limit feedback to a specific threshold unless the key is pressed. I should look at the script and see if I can add this myself :slight_smile:

I noticed one weird thing : the feedback’s behaviour is different depending on the delay time (seems stronger with short delays). Is that intentional ?


hi, just one question. is it possible to set just one midi port for example midi port 1 for the icarus. at the moment on all send midiports, icarus triggered.

sorry i mean midi channel 1. my bad

does anybody have crackling issues, with this script? iam not sure if my norns shield get out of cpu performance :wink:

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Crackling/noise issues with a shield are often caused by an insufficient power supply or inadequate power cable. @zebra wrote something detailed explaining that in the Norns Shield thread I think.


Can this use the launchpad as a midi device? Doesn’t seem to work as stock.

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I was using a ipad charger and was getting cpu drops when running this script. I recently got the Adafruit power supply linked in the Norns shield shop page and since then I have had no problems.


I got it working with a Launchpad Mini Mk3 after a few tries.

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  • added midi channel support (thanks for pointing that out @kr3ativsein)
  • added resonance (note: resonance destroys feedback)
  • changed synth from Pulse to VarSaw (it was meant to be a Saw the whole time, don’t know how Pulse got in there). edit: now that I changed it, I kinda like the Pulse. might go back or make an option…
  • note: this change requires restarting norns

its intentional that when you move the sun to the right it will make the feedback different (moving the sun to the right raises the “destruction” parameter which periodically softens pieces of the sound). is that what you mean? in general, I think the feedback should differ based on the delay time, but the delay times only vary between 0.23 and 0.27 which is not a big change.

haha, I like that! right now K3 functions sort of to “absorb” the sound (temporarily sets feedback to below 1). if you want, I’d accept a PR for a key combo like K1+K3 that does the opposite - exploding the sound (temporarily setting feedback > 1)!


Could this be made MPE capable (if it’s not already)?

I would like to have per-note pressure from KMI QuNexus or K-Board Pro 4 allow for per-note modulation of the amplitude (for example) of each respective voice, with adjustable slew. Or perhaps the filter frequency cutoff… or the PWM frequency.

Is the synth engine MPE capable?

Would the current MIDI mapping system of Norns allow for that?

Already a very wonderful sounding and highly playable script as it is. I especially enjoy the lower octaves with high amounts of feedback and destruction. Pulse was sounding nice too actually!


not a the moment, but it’s planned. I plan on following Icarus - #13 by zebra but don’t own any MPE device so would be appreciative if someone would test it!


no. don’t expect it to anytime soon: it would require specific and fairly onerous requirements on a script’s architecture to allow this to be done automatically.


Very much looking forward to trying this. Sounds, and looks, great.

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v1.2.0 - moving the sun sounds way better

  • the delay works much more how I envisioned and its very fun to wiggle the sun to get interesting sounds
  • back to Pulse, it sounds better than VarSaw for me. tried to do both, but it took too much cpu
  • ui: detuning is now in cents
  • note: this update requires a restart

will be looking into MPE!


First go with this,and I love it.


this is really good. nice work of a great script.

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