Iceland tips


If you’re not going into the Highlands, but are planning on exploring off the Ring Road, do you all think a 4wd is still a good idea/necessary or is it pretty typically fine to just get a compact car? I’d really like to minimize costs, but not if that means a little VW compact getting stuck somewhere and delaying our trip dealing with roadside assistance.


It was really the area immediately surrounding the lake, dimmuborgir, and some of the sulfur vents. It was unpleasant and had us spending less time there than we otherwise would have, but still worth seeing.

As far as the car goes, you’re good anywhere on the ring road with a compact, there are just a few spots that we went that it was nice to have all wheel drive. It was just a few km out loose sandy gravel roads to get to a particular black sand beach that seemed to go on forever that i would not have taken a little vw on.


I teach an interdisciplinary arts class every summer in Iceland.
I don’t recommend racing around trying to see a lot in two weeks.
Otherwise it’s easy to miss the subtle wonders of Iceland that lurk behind the awe-inspiring landscape.
During my class we’re only in Reykjavik, and then the Snaefellsess Peninsula. I could spend a year in either easily.
It’s a country one feels as much as one sees it.
It’s pretty impossible not to have an incredible experience there, regardless.