Ichi-go-ichi-e compilation and recordings from temples in Kyoto

I have a new compilation out, I-go-i-e is a major body of work. 20 artists took part in it and we have 2.5h of music. The idea was to use recordings from temples in Kyoto I have made. Each artist got a challenge to use the same set of sampling material and think about the creative preservation of culture and reflecting upon it with creative works. This is both music, cover art and software tools. Responses are vastly different and enjoyable to listen to. I know some of the artists involved are members of this forum like @scanner_darkly is one for sure. Recordings are included in the release as bonus tracks. The album is released as digital on Bandcamp and is coming as a microSD card in the physical form.

All funds gathered in the release will go to kidsdoor, a charity that is helping kids from difficult backgrounds in Japan with educational support. This is a little gesture to give back to the community we took the sound material from.

Here is the link to the album:

and a teaser video from the recording sessions.