Idea : general purpose MLR-like sequencer

Today i thought i’d try coupling my ER-301 and white whale to use the WW’s position as a MLR-like sequencer to trigger 16 slices in the ER-301. My idea was to read WW’s position with TT and generate a corresponding CV. It appears that Teletype cannot read WW’s current position. (BTW, this a feature request !).

I think that this is still a great idea : a simple 7-row MLR sequencer that will generate CVs proportionally to the row’s position. For instance, from 0.0V to 1.5V in 0.1V steps ?

Any chance to see that appearing in Ansible some time ? Hope this will be of some interest.

(PS, now i realize that i could make a WW preset just stepping through voltages, it should work well, but just for one row, still).


Yes, that’d be fantastic.
Would love that on Ansible as well.
Same use case.

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I just made this, as a proof of concept. Promising !


‘made’ in what? Max, TT scripting? (just curious)

can’t you just program a sequence where voltage would increase on each step? in which case you wouldn’t have to go through teletype at all?

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I thought that’s what’s happening in the video above?

Nice idea btw!

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It’s just WW, with an increasing voltage.
But using WW, it’s limited to 1 row. 7 rows with clock dividers would be awesome ! And quite easy to code i suppose.

That’s precisely what i was talking about and what i made on the video.

i understand it better now, got confused by the teletype mention. so it would be like a multi track sequencer where all tracks share the same clock but can have independent position?

i imagine ansible levels or cycles should also be an interesting way to control ER-301!

Yes, and inner loops. Clock multiplication/division would be useful too.

An Mlr-like would be easly possible with MP (reversed) and teletype if It would be possible de read and write a position on MP of each row via a script. I don’t know if this fonction is easy to add to teletype ?

1 row of MP = 1 teletype tracker
MP position = tracker positon (from 0 to 15…)
Tracker to cv out… Connect to er301, It will work great !

I’ve been thinking about how to solve this problem as well as means to replace my octratrack. I believe Ansible(Kria) + TT will allow you fetch the current position of and generate a CV. Out of curiosity, how many slices does the ER-301 support? And can it slice based on some time grid? Can it slice on zero-crossings?

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No limit for the number of slices i think.
Time grid slicing : not currently, but definitely later.
Zero crossing : yes.
I don’t see how you would use Kria for this, though.

Maybe let’s get back to the origin of the topic and imagine what would be a dedicated Ansible App ?
Here’s a first proposal to open the discussion :


Input 1 : Clock IN
Input 2 : Resync (all sequencers on step 1)

TR 1-4 : step trigger out for sequencers 1-4
CV 1-4 : CV outs for sequencers 1-4


Top Row : 4 Mute segments for the 4 sequencers (4 button long, a la WW selector)
2nd Row : clock division/multiplication for the 4 sequencers independently.
3rd Row : playing modes per sequencer : Forward/Reverse.
4th Row : pattern recorders.
Row 5-8 : MLR-like sequencers.

Missing :
CV output Range


Don’t forget about the config buttons on the front panel.

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could you elaborate on what would pattern recorders do?

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Could be simple, like mlr in sum:

Or more elaborate, like cyst:

Try a Cmd-F for “pattern record”.


Just wondering…what ever happened to this?

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nothing that i know of !

You would set a length beforehand, engage the pattern recorder. Then it starts recording your presses as soon as you first press, and then plays it back, until you disengage the pattern button. As in mlr as a matter of fact.