Idea -- teletype oscilloscope

just thinking out loud… could the teletype display support oscilloscope views with the proper firmware?
i was reading about the mordax data: and couldn’t help but think of the similarity between it, and input/output available on the TT.

could be a fantastic project for someone with firmware coding skills.

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that would be super hot, but I can imagine it would be a pretty big project. I would certainly use it though, and wouldn’t think twice about throwing some paypal towards a development effort.

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same here

i’d gladly pay for that hack

Any sort of pretty flashing colors on that screen would make my day.

it’s very easy to hack the firmware (i’m doing it now for the update of tt).

keep in mind TT only has one analog input. i’d be curious to hear a compelling use case for the available ins/outs. also the chip might not have the headroom to run high resolution audio rate CV output.

but the screen could do all sorts of fun/pretty things (!)

[quote=“tehn, post:5, topic:1805, full:true”]but the screen could do all sorts of fun/pretty things (!)

visualisation of the current values of the cv outs?

show number of commands in the stack / number delayed?

so who is going to port this C64 classic?