IGIM - Twenty Two (Live percussion and electronics)

I’m so very happy to finally (my fault) release this album of live improvised percussion and electronics today:

Here are some yum codes for you all. Please let me know which one you take and I’ll cross it off.
Edit: I’ve taken down the codes I put up since most were being taken without letting me know with a reply. Please message me directly if you’d like a code and I’ll be happy to share one.

Will and I have know each other for a very long time but for some reason just couldn’t put it together. Now that we have I’m so inspired by the give and take of playing with a skilled and observant percussionist.
I know that we have a good number of drummers here and I’d love to hear your take on playing live with electronics and the challenges you face.


Used gaxr-5krt, thanks!

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I used this one thank you, i’ll listen to it tomorrow, really curious about this collaboration :drum: :slight_smile:

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