II-bus board

with the introduction of more i2c-talking modules it is becoming more of a problem to connect them all to the same network.

there are various solutions-- more headers on a ribbon cable, daisy-chaining by having multiple headers per module, or a little bus PCB which is basically a mult.

and here it is mounted to TT:

they are very cheap to make, but not worth having the circuit assembler do a big batch. i’ll offer them pre-assembled (by hand) sometime next week (price tbd), but i’d like to post sources now, so people can order and build their own if desired. in fact, if people want to order a bunch and resell them here i’d be totally happy for that.

osh link ($4.70 for 3 boards)



there are equivalent parts and sources for these-- please post your own part numbers and sources if you have them.

incredibly easy first soldering project.

aside: if you want to make your own 6 pin ribbon cables, sparkfun has crimp headers: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10651

also, eagle files attached for those who want to change or customize the pcb: ii-bus.zip (7.3 KB)



can you make those for sale?
that would save me the pain of the soldering and the sending the modules off back
I would LOVE that. Let me know and I’ll PAYPAL you straight away :slight_smile:

will be ready next week, for sale on http://market.monome.org




Edit: @tehn beat me to it

oh cool.

Thank you.
Just PM me whenever. i wish i would have known you were going to and i would have waited about the cables etc…

Hope you are well


Mention of this makes me wonder if you’ll be producing a new run of both Teletypes and Earthseas?

Too, will Earthsea’s functionality eventually be incorporated in to Ansible?

Super excited about these. I think the ansible bus runs opposite the other trilogy modules so it’s nigh impossible to hook them together. This should make routing cables so much easier.

have you seen a male version of this crimp connector? couldn’t find one in my searches. thinking i could make some daisy-chain cables… endlessly expandable :slight_smile:

or a 2x3 header with long pins on both sides, acting as a coupler.

This would probably work just fine as a coupler:



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OK, I am definitely a customer for this little item!
Looking forward to it!

great, i really need one. Would you also offer the 6pin cable also? I bought a TT second hand (without connector cable) and you would not believe the hassle it took to get one made.

I’m in for a kit.
The ribbon cables, for some obscure reason, are more frightening to me. I never figure out the orientation when i make them.

Second this. If offered as a kit I’d be happy to assemble the board, but I’ve as yet to figure out how to assemble cables.

@chapelierfou found these pre-made ribbon cables (with free shipping also to eu above a certain amount).
I guess not applicable in every setup…



here’s direct from adafruit:

yes indeed, but oddly enough mouser offers a better service with free shipping after something over 50 bucks

oh for sure. mouser is spectacular.

Ordered the extra cabls.

Did anyone order the boards?
If so, I would be interested in splitting the cost for getting one (can’t imagine why anyone would need 4?)

Otherwise I will wait untill these assembled ones are available.

it’s insane… ordered two days ago. half of the items I ordered not in stock. still the other items arrived today, in switzerland. free shipping.