II-bus board

where are the ansibles in eu though? :grin:

EFN should have stock, i shipped him 10 units

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thanks for the info. I contacted him already, will do again…

quiet announcement that you can purchase this directly from us now, as a convenience to those not wanting to go DIY.



Ordered that with a quickness! Thanks!

Ordered, and thankyou for offering the cables too :slight_smile:

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Is there a hard limit of 4 devices connected to TT? If not, how does one connect more devices?

there is no limit, other than what the code is set up to do. right now you can connect to the trilogy, plus 4 ansible, plus one JF-- which is 8 devices, which the bus board is clearly not designed for this sort of maximal setup.

cables can be daisy-chained, so the alternative option is a custom ribbon cable with multiple headers on the ribbon, like the original TT cable that ships. perhaps it’d be better to make one with lots of space in between each header.

What about TWO JFs? :smiling_imp:


not impossible with some extra code and tt syntax, but that’s a design challenge to be undertaken


Two WW? One with default firmware and one with Orca?

That already works. (in roughly 20 chars)

Score! Works great!


Any European group buy? I don’t have my tools available to DIY and I really want to check out Just Type and already have the triology occuping my breakout cable.

Stoked mine came in the mail. Thanks Brian!

Can I hook up the three header cable that came with isms to one of the sockets on the bus along with the regular cables that are headed to my JF and Ansible? Or is that too many adapters connected to adapters?

thanks Brian

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I have 5 attatched to mine so far and it’s fine.


I just hooked all of mine up today. I wish I took a picture! such a mess, but a very fun puzzle. I did TT to Just Friends, Ansible, Earthsea, and another Ansible.

Does anyone know how to properly connect Earthsea? It only has a 1x3 connector rather than 2x3 that is on the cable? I kinda guessed, but I haven’t tested it yet…

As far as I can tell, It doesn’t matter with the earthsea or the original trilogy. As long as the stripe is in the right direction, either set of holes work. The inside set feels the slightest more stable, but I think that’s just me.


The cable is 1x3 - it’s only the header that is 2x3. It does not matter how you connect it as long as it is not wrongly oriented.