I'm really a lot of things

but the first in relation to this forum becomes my excitement to finally reinstate true grid status within thein own studio…myself

been thinking and dreaming of it

it certainly encourages my presence here

and i am grateful

64 grayscale :sparkle:

do those all have tilt?
if so, an easy way to route within ableton live?


Good news Liam :slight_smile:

I don’t use Live but I imagine Max for Live would be a reasonably easy route to go to get tilt data in there.

Assuming, of course, that the grayscale has it.

You probably want to look at this page.

Do you have specific apps in mind to use with the grayscale?

“Non-varibright friendly” would be a useful categorization on the monome apps wiki page, but I don’t have the necessary device for testing.


yup that’s where i was hatching the idea that this one could have tilt. i have never used tilt on any device.

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the two ideas i have for tilt are:
one with a custom app raja made (he is a saint). just to be able to route tilt to …something, i don’t know.

the second, to be able to route tilt data as control within m4l. just a tactile/interface thing. as if it was a usable source of something like midi data.

i am hoping monome home will be able to tell me if tilt exists in the first place. but i’m not in the studio today.


it does have tilt! as yet no idea how to implement. but objective knowledge of existence is a wonderful place to start!

monome home very good thank you whoever made that you help and gratitude to you

Commands for activating/deactivating tilt sensor and for reading tilt position are here:

Several apps with tilt support mentioned here:

Let us know what works!


and currently feeling sick. somehow managed to disable the grid interaction with all apps i was using in an attempt to get functional communication with just one. paperweight status for the time being. hope i can get this sorted out.
mac 10.8.5 (really don’t want to change os )
i have new max but i use 6 because i was thinking it would run better with my old apps.

that file was working perfectly before i tried to install:

before i tried to install the zeroconf externals.
then all was not well with the grid. it powers on, but no connection to any apps.

64RepeatHoldPoly.maxpat (25.8 KB)

especially that one. which is particularly gutwrenching as it is somehow the last remnants of prior communication with raja and his incredible help in my grid envisioning.

and somehow my old usb mouse stopped working too. so must use wireless mouse. that one is just odd.

sorry sorry sorry. ignore all that. nightmare, but ended with reinstalls. ended up being much scarier than i anticipated. but seems to be working now.


i bow out.

i know nothing. the universe is all powerful.


physical playing epiphany. the most amazing. oh so good. just complete gratitude to have this grid back in my life.