Image streams (instagram) now has an instagram. as a reflection of the community i’ll be soliciting and curating contributions from you all. keep taking great photos!


2 of my favorite things, now combined into one!!

I think there was a thread for that (can’t remember the subject though).

In any case mine:

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I thought so too.
But I’m in!

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modular sketches / firmware experiments / adventures in the pacific northwest


My recently revived Instagram account, on the occasion of launching a new project. Planning to upload some ‘work in progress’ sounds regularly.

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you’ll find me here :slight_smile:


Is me:


as many of you saw, the l’s instagram account was way too much for me to manage. i barely post to my own, which is

and y’all might enjoy kelli’s though


I’m trying to get things out there without stressing about anything being perfect, so trying to post a few synth related pictures/sketches on instagram.

@hamilsynth if anyones interested.

hope to get more up there when I have a permanent music area set up…


I personally find instagram to be the lesser of all social media evils, and in regards to the “music” community I feel it has a lot to offer.

Especially modular artists, given the nature of most patches being slightly volatile, it’s a fun way to document daily experiments, find new inspiration, and connect with like-minded people.

Anyways, I’ve really enjoyed the short amount of time I’ve spent so far on this forum, and I’ve stumbled across a few familiar names and handles of people I know from other places.

But it’s always fun to meet new people, and you people seem swell.

so lets connect !

So i’m @sofftdrugs on instagram, my girlfriend is @prettylilpanels , (she makes handmade alt-panels for modular units)

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Original tag, I know.

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I’m @emenel on Instagram and pretty much everywhere else


well, i discovered the limitations of my own mental bandwidth with this one.

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I loooove Instagram!
The way I think of it is that it is a lot like my studio: with all the objects and ideas I like to surround myself with, and my work, except, I don’t really have a studio, so it is a “studio” I get to bring with me wherever I go, and stretched in time… indefinitely.

EDIT: I just noticed that I evidently already replied to this thread!!! It’s probably because I love it so.


@caelmore, same as on here and most other places.

Not as active as i used to be, due to dumbphone, but somewhat gear-related pics sometimes :slight_smile:

Not too much on it:

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I can be found posting here: