Image streams (instagram)


Not too much on it:


I can be found posting here:


Mostly modular experiements.


You can follow hashtag’s now on instagram. Let’s create/use the hashtag llllllll_co for all things lines related?


Dogs, modular, and cocktails primarily.


Sometimes an extra enter above or under a link will do the trick for me.


Awesome I am @xexyzz


customer guarantee: all posts today dedicated to the solstice (or your money back)


Updated and slightly more curation.


Mainly modular sketches and vinyl finds.


In case that might be relevant… (does anybody know why the scrubbed picture is so huge?)


Mostly pets and modular bs. :slight_smile:


modular synth videos (probably a lot of er-301 and teletype right now)


thats me…hihi…mostly sound related :slight_smile:


here’s me - mostly not synthesizers these days because i don’t have monitors and i haven’t yet figured out how to make “good” synth videos at home. hopefully more music posts in the near future! for now it’s mostly pictures of my dog, fiance, friends, life.

i’ve always been afraid to share music-related content on social media for some reason, i guess in the past there was this voice in my head saying that if i wasn’t making an album or making music professionally or making music as good as daniel lopatin’s i was a poser. it’s definitely time to g e t o v e r i t .

It’s me!


Here’s mine- modular with life etc.


I just got on instagram so this thread is awesome!! Been posting a lot of improvisational sampling / remixing with the octatrack.

Here is one of me live sampling a glockenspiel

Here is one of me live sampling a harp

And here is one where I use two monome grids to make a track


I created an Instagram account for the zine i am publishing (i don’t have a personal account).


I’ve got a couple of instagram accounts, one mainly focusing on hand-cut collages / music and the others dedicated to photography.