Image streams (instagram)


The collages are nice!

Edit: uuh and nice photos from greenland. I’ve been there too in 2016. best trip I’ve ever done!


Thank you! I feel the same way, its the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, would love to go back!


here is mine (not posting lately, tbh):
pd: don´t expect gear, but simple pics from things, nature, old records and…dogs!


lots of weird moody pictures and videos from my strange magical life


Guess I’ll join the party!


Mostly cassette tapes,
Occasionally music instruments.


Mostly modular videos with a little nature here and there.


hello! is me :slight_smile:


New Instagram page for my band “La Sciarma”


Hi everyone! I’ve been moving around a lot over the past 2 years so things have slowed down (so you might have to scroll a little to get to the meat), but I expect things to pick up in a few months. ie things are looking up!

Tell us your soundcloud/bandcamp sites

My 'gram


my music stuff:


Mainly synth/video stuff lately. GRP A8 was fun. Having another session with it this weekend


almost no modular.


Hi, this is my Instagram account. I post my music here, and more often than not this is the only place that music actually gets published.


I’m at


Hello all,

I’ve started an Instagram based project called Modular Motel and you guessed it, it’s all about the wonders of modular music and related topics. For now I’m just building the network by scouting all the Instagram accounts of what I consider to be interesting music or fun sound experiments or whatever as long as it’s made with a modular system. There is no genre restriction and I think I have a broad appreciation of different kinds of sound and music, but I like a challenge too so hit me up!

I’m mainly active on the Orthogonal Devices forum and probably a lot of us are here as well, but as I understand modular is very present here, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on interesting accounts!

Future ideas for the platform are

  • Exclusive music streaming
  • Collaborations
  • A music label
  • Video artists connecting to Musicians
  • Whatever seems fun

Comment below with your Instagram accounts!



Here you go:


Here it is!


Can’t believe I wasn’t already following you!

Also thanks @Oneven great stuff :ok_hand: We’re not too far apart, I’m in Brussels