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Sweet! I come trough Brussels quite often when traveling to the UK, but have never had the chance to get out of Brussels Zuid. I really want to visit the Magritte museum. I’ll give you a shout if I’m around and have some time to hang out.

#68 :slight_smile:

Currently in London but moving to Brussels next year :slight_smile:


Yeah go ahead! I must say I’m looking into relocating at the moment. Probably Amsterdam haha. So apparently we’re all swapping cities and will never meet!
@electret wow London to Brussels? It’s quite nice to visit but I can’t say it’s my favorite place on earth. There is some modular action but nothing compared to London


I’m from Belgium, coming back closer to family :slight_smile: The Brexit mess is helping that decision too.


Aah yeah, so you are prepared :slight_smile: Closer to family makes sense (in some cases) Good luck with the move then!


I make music and video with a combination of synths and modular video rig. I am open to collaborations let me know.


I will take some time to check out your feed but it looks amazing, thanks for sharing!


Followed a bunch of you awesome people here. My account is also mostly music+modular+artist stuff:


Glad for this thread; Instagram’s my sole proper social media thing, and it’s been great, finding creative people in a relatively relaxed atmosphere.


Here’s me - mine is very modular with lots of music modular / monome / Norns videos


In case anyone is interested in what I’m up to these days…modular and (mainly) otherwise…


used mostly as a documentation of works in progress, but I try and take the time to make each clip pretty good quality. lots of modular, juno, piano, tape loops, learning norns now and gearing up to start writing again for the next project.

instagram is the one social media I really enjoy, it’s led to a lot of opportunities and connecting with a lot of wonderful people. so great to see how many great artists there are around the world just doing their thing.


Mostly modular noodlings.


i could’ve sworn i posted this here already, since i already interact with a good number of lines people on insta.

modular, max/jitter visual sketches and screencaps, random photography, programming things when they work, occasional sentimental life post


similarly, although maybe I just have lurked this thread a lot… significantly fewer posts than I used to make on insta, but still enjoying it. stories have somewhat replaced Twitter for me, too

millennial bricolage: photos of myself, synths, cats, concerts, tarot cards, geometry, topology, etc.


Here is mine. Mostly music/sound art related.
Graphic arrangements of objects and DIY projects.


Here you go!
Mine’s mainly modular these days.


If you’re a photographer and share your work on instagram, please share your account here!


Here is mine:

(I’m on a break from posting until 2019 right now)