Image streams (instagram)

First time playing with the Steppy 1u

Guys I’m seeing Nils Frahm in a little bit. You best believe I used that Juno filter.

Here’s me

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joining the party… here’s my electronics builder/maker/hacking stuff

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Just another…

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and another, if I may. mostly landscapes visited through field recording ventures.

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I’m not active as much as before, (because I don’t really the direction Instragram took a few years ago, and it’s now flooded with ads), but I always liked photography

wow I can’t believe i’ve not posted on here

so this is mainly video synthesis (LZX) related
but I throw up a good deal of audio synth related bits and links to ciat-lonbarde tape compilations that I put out


Followed! Here’s my public account, lots of instrument, studio and vinyl pics up there.

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Got mine here, mostly video synthesis stuff. More music later :slight_smile:

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Cats, things I see, things I enjoy,…

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hello. I’m new here but I recognize a bunch of names from IG, OD, MW and other places. Here’s mine:

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Kinda the same with me, but I’ll throw in some tunes now and then

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i have already been following a few ppl here, so its cool to see familiar names on this board.

this me.

Newbie to the Monome universe. Sucked in by the gravitational pull of Norns… :slight_smile:


Cat and patches, like many others I suppose.

Here’s me - modular bits, field recording and music workshops:

Random day-to-day stuff. A bit intermittent.

decided to make a separate instagram for my musical output

nice, this one

reminds me of this

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