Imaginary Softwoods - "The Notional Pastures of Imaginary Softwoods" LP

I have a new album coming out on Field Records on February 17th! The album is a patchwork of tracks from my Bandcamp subscriber series, some reworked and remixed and all remastered. The album was made primarily using Sequential polysynths, STS Serge Panels and a Fabrikat. I’m excited to have this collection of tracks all in one place on great sounding vinyl. I shot the album cover with an iPhone 7 and a prism. I have no idea what the yellow flowers are called but I took about a hundred photos of them like this and spent a lot of time with them last summer.

You can hear one of the tracks and order the limited edition white vinyl at the Softwoods Bandcamp. Forced Exposure will also be distributing it in the USA with much cheaper shipping, if anyone is interested.


Very much looking forward to this

Love all your stuff and stoked for this!

Looking forward to hearing this!