drum machine based on arturia’s drumbrute impact



  • always wanted to have arturia drumbrute impact, but never owned one
  • got inspired with amazing hachi by @pangrus and takt by @its_your_bedtime

in general, i wanted to keep things as close as possible to the original, hence the grid and screen layout. however… there are some differences. some of them as a result of my personal preference and some are just improvements (parameters locking). heart of the impact is the SC-808 engine (by Yoshinosuke Horiuchi) with some modifications (limited voices number, mute group for hihats)

at the moment, impact is locked in a step edit mode, and lacks some features from the original but those are still to come, see trello and check readme to see what you get now


norns, grid (or midigrid)


control with grid + encoders, see readme



Nice! can’t wait to get jamming away on this!

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the long sample you made is one of the best showcases for new software i’ve ever heard or seen

very well done
i’m intrigued and excited to try it myself!


hi @glia, happy to hear that! also just wanted to let you know that i updated the samples with one more. it’s a very simplified cover version of the Jay Hosking’s jam, but gives a glimpse of possibilities

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sounds and looks awesome. amazing job

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this is so great thank you :slight_smile: love to see something for 8x8 grids too :metal: :weary:

one thing that might be nice that I didn’t see in the docs or on trello is a “clear all” button to just completely reset the pattern — seems like it could be handy. I LOVE the live recording and parameter locks — is there some way to live record knob automations, like you can on pocket operators (i don’t know how elektron boxes work but I assume they also do this)? Last thing is I couldn’t get 32/48/64 pattern lengths (was able to edit in those sections but wasn’t able to get the sequencer to advance past the first 16 steps) — very likely user error — can you describe what “last step” and “long press to follow” means in the docs?

Congrats on an amazing script, will be using this one a lot !!

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I have dreamed of a script like this, thank you


hi, @renegog thanks for your kind words!

  • clear all - i am going to check how its done in the original and will put it into the roadmap
  • live recording automation - not possible yet, but seems like a good idea, i will put that in the roadmap also
  • last step - sets the last step for the current track pattern, effectively the pattern length. eg. hold last step (single step, indicating pattern length, will lit) and select the new one. to set the pattern length longer than 16, navigate to desired page, now hold last step and select new last step
  • follow - long press to enter follow mode (arrow in the top right corner will lit). when sequence is played pages are automatically navigated to follow currently played step. to exit follow just navigate to one of the pages manually

feel free to ask if there is still something not clear, have fun