Implementing a minimal asynchronous multitrack looper in hardware


i feel like most of what i originally set out to accomplish is perfect for the organelle platform. can’t thank those here who suggested it enough!

v3.0 of the pd objects, with monome state saving/recall and pattern recording, should be done soon too.

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is the complete pd app for monome gonna be released someday?

i mean, it more or less is already… minus the state-saving and pattern recording!

both here and over at the critter and guitari forum, i’ve gotten a lot of requests adapting the patch to all kinds of different purposes: with monome/without monome, with organelle/without organelle, with ableton push, or with x/y/z midi controller. the cleanest solution was just to release all the core functionality as standalone abstractions, allowing everyone to put them together as they wish.

that said, all that you’d need to do to get v2.0 working for momome/pd would be to program some button presses to handle record/stop/resume functions, and design your grid interface using the [jblr.monome.row] objects. assuming some familiarity with pd, could probably be done in 10-15 minutes with the above download.



that’s what i thought
thanks again

recently added some basic mixer functionality (individual loop level & pan position) and loop launch/stop controls with a korg nanokontrol. starting to feel more like an instrument now…


beautiful video!! Your bumping the thread is gonna make me redownload Pd, so cheers for that.


I’d love to try this out on my organelle, if possible.

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@loma have a look at the pd abstractions i put together… pretty much all of it is in there.


Rad. Thanks! <>20<><>

I had a look at the abstractions. They seem… abstract. :wink:

How would someone with no PD experience go about making this work? I completely understand that the demands of individual users (and setups) isn’t something you should be expected to support, but would it be possible to share your working setup for those of us with an Organelle and a Grid?

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Looperlative LP-1 was 8 tracks. Think he just re-released it again.

If you still have it, I’d love to play around with the initial Max prototype you built.

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@josephbranciforte - great work on this! I seem have it working on the latest version of vanilla with just the cyclone extension package (via Deken) and a rewrite of some other pieces.

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It’s been a beginner for a few days after I started
If you know this, please let me know.

I want to move OrganelleM and Grid as shown in the link.
but I don’t know how to make Organelle recognize the pd patch.

In order to make OrganelleM recognize, the file main.pd is necessary, but there is no such file name in this pd file, and nothing happened even if it entered OrganelleM.

Please tell me how it works like a video.

Thank you.

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