In a good company next weekend


http://mentalforce.byUnsound Dislocation X Mental Force Festival. Atom™, Ben Frost, & more… Currently not all artists are shown in English version (myself included :upside_down:), but I imagine organizers are quite busy with all the other things to do, so yeah. Some more info about the local artists etc on Facebook.

Among other good news is, I recorded a special live podcast (studio session) that soon will go online — expect me to share it here once it does, — and also I will run a workshop on modular synthesizers. :kissing_smiling_eyes: Tomorrow, though, I have to submit all the relevant info about it, yet I still didn’t come with a catchy title for main topic. Could you guys help me out a little on this?

The previous one I held was called “Analog sound & modular synthesizers. Advantages analog has over digital”, but I think it is a little bit cheesy and now I have to come up with something better for sure. I mainly want to talk about state of things at the modular scene at the moment, with all the cutting-edge developments, more live friendly designs, and the new scenes emerging (modular techno et al).

Thanks guys!

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