In-rack interactivity when using computer-run scripts?

hello! I’ve been using ansible for a while, and really appreciate how the buttons present on the module can be used as a Shift key or to access alternate “pages” on a grid or arc. i’m looking at writing a sequencer using crow as my CV I/O and grid as the interface, and it’d be great if i could keep all 128 grid buttons normally interactive, rather than dedicating a button on grid to be my Shift.

for workflow and focus purposes, i wanted to avoid relying on on-laptop interactions to change params—if i have to, has anyone done this in a way they’re happy with? should i look into using in2 on crow somehow, or is designating a button or row on the grid (:cry:) my best bet?


it’s also possible i’m just using the wrong tools for the job, haha. would y’all recommend i look into teletype or another setup if i’m going to be doing a lot of this sort of thing?

nope, you’re totally right—my laptop would be the intermediary. however, i was hoping to avoid interacting with my laptop while working in the modular space, or at the very least figuring out how to interact with my laptop in the best/least disruptive way. i’d much prefer keeping all interaction on-rack or on-grid :frowning:

sorry, i deleted my post :slight_smile:

but cool cool, so you’re going to use the laptop to shuffle the data between grid and crow. are you planning to use Max? I ask because…


this could be a pretty minimally invasive job in Max – you could make a patch so that if you press the spacebar, the grid changes. or grab a USB footswitch and make that the trigger, underfoot.

I’m curious what the on-rack version looks like for you – what would you want to use to trigger the shift if you were going to purpose crow’s in2 to that function? and then I guess I’d wonder if that gesture is more or less invasive than setting up a gesture on the laptop that’ll be (necessarily) involved?

ooo keeping it on-grid: you could use a combination of grid keys that would still respect their individual functions – the way that Earthsea uses multifinger gestures to perform different actions on the same grid surface as playing notes. this might be the least invasive route :slight_smile:. eg. only when four grid keys held down at once, you switch to the ALT page, but those four keys when pressed individually just play notes


good thought! i’ll play with gestures that might make sense/would be unlikely to occur in normal usage.

yeah, seems like a max job :slight_smile:
re: on-rack—i guess i was imagining i could use a maths offset channel to switch between 2-3 big voltage ranges (min/12 o’clock/max) or something. little weird + i’d like to be able to use in2 for more fun CV.
USB footswitch would honestly be perfect, but spacebar could do… thanks a bunch! super helpful.

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