in search of a Cracklebox-like instruments

looking for instruments like Cracklebox | STEIM
maybe more advanced than that but still small.
and if possible, available in Europe:)

thank you!

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I’d seek out these:

Meng Qi - Grassi
Meng Qi - APCS
(both of these are based on Peter Blasser designs, you may want to look into paper circuits from him too if you are into DIY)

thank you !
they both look and sound like what I wanted
unfortunately they are not avail in Europe it seems:(

I just came across Landscape’s devices yesterday:

And some of their products might turn your existing rig into something like a Cracklebox

I have 0 experience with these! Good luck!


Yeah, you’ll have to watch for sale/trade boards on synth forums or post a WTB thread. A lot of these boxes are not made in mass quantities.

This may also be of interest and is being made by Patch Point:

Maybe not exactly the same, but a simple pocket amplifier might get close. As long as it runs on battery you can remove the back cover and play it by touching the circuit board. Not as elegant but it works. Rafael Toral inspired me on this. He has done much work based on similar things to the cracklebox I think.


There is a diy kit cracklebox in the UK but its saying out of stock until Jan 22.

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