In search of new headphones

i’ve had the Audio-Technica M50’s for a few years now and that faux-leather material just started disintegrating to the point where it rubs right off. pretty disappointing since they do sound great.


Is the 250 equally comfortable?

I’ve also got the 250ohm and I find them very comfortable. They’re a nice weight and don’t feel clamped around my head like some other pairs of headphones I own.

They’re pretty comfy; perhaps a little bit more snug than the 770. Easy to wear for long periods of time for sure.

just get a high impedance if you are going to be using a proper headphone amp or other output with plenty of gain. intuitively i feel like higher impedance will generally mean better accuracy vs lower volume.

lower impedance more useful for situations like: listening with your phone. in that case, 250 ohms just barely does it for me.

i bought my dt770 pros so many years ago… and they are really great, especially for long sessions. i have to take @wrl’s comments with a grain of salt because these are much flatter than any consumer- or dj-oriented headphones i’ve used… and more accurate ones, (like the grado reference series) tend to favor an open-back design (because physics) - this is often not practical except for a very controlled acoustic environment.

the dt770s do not maximize listening pleasure. word is that the newer “Premium” series is a bit flatter and “tighter” in the bass, but the "Pro"s are already much less bass-heavy than the norm.

i have also heard that the physical design on the "pro"s provides a tighter clamp and better isolation than the "premium"s. i dunno.

a big bonus is that i have been able to order replacement components from Beyer with no hassle at all, when things like the plush pads wear out. such a refreshing design policy. apparently they will also sell me drivers, cables, etc…

(just thinking back to my sony MDRs, when i had to strip the weird micro-insulation using, like, aspirin and whatnot, just to replace the cable…)


well it took me 6 months to pull the trigger, but i want to say thank you to everyone on this thread for convincing me to get the Beyerdynamic 770s - they are really amazing! they have suddenly revealed a lot of missing pieces in my mixing (comfort being one).


held off until my other pair broke recently (see I can resist you gas!)
but just picked up 250ohm dt770s based on comments here

will test at home and my upcoming trip

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Hi all. I’m curious how many of you use headphone amps with your 250 ohm headphones.

I use Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm headphones with a Universal Audio Apollo 8 Thunderbolt interface, and the volume knob on my headphone outs needs to be at least at 12 o’clock, which causes quite a bit of hiss.

I’ve had the Beyerdynamic DT150 for almost 10 years, they kinda fly under the radar because it’s the same design as the cheap DT100 that drummers use for tracking in every studio ever, but they use a full-range driver so sound quality is very good, with a very flat response. Have ABed them with the ATH-M50 and DT770 and they come out on top. Detachable cord, pads, headband, everything.

The only downside is that they get a little hot and uncomfortable during long sessions, and they need quite a lot of power to sound good (ie. a phone won’t cut it but any audio interface will work fine).

Picked up a pair of DT-770s because of this thread. lines comes through again.

I use my DT770 250 ohms plugged in my mixer, it works fine.

I also just bought a pair of KRK 8400, because I need to fix the plug on my 770 and I wanted another pair of proper headphones too, and I really like them so far. Comfortable, flat sound, easy to transport, removable cable, etc.

that’s the gist of it - higher impedance necessitates a headphone amp.
Consumer portables provide adequate voltage and low enough output impedance to power 32 or 24 even 16Ω drivers, and the designs and electronics are so improved that these days it’s hard to hear a difference.

I use 70Ω HD25 by Sennheiser - a nice compromise - works across a range of devices. Very happy with their sound, especially coming from HD280, which I now actively advise against. Frequency-response-wise, I do wish the HD25-s weren’t so uneven though.

Well… modulo the efficiency of the drivers in the headphones. My DT880 pros, at 250Ω are efficiently enough to work without a headphone amp with pretty much everything: the headphone outs on my synths, my mixers, my audio interface, even my phone.

I will admit that my audio interface is a Novation AudioHub, which has a notably high gain headphone out, but that just means I rarely use even half it’s range.

Just a quick comment to say I just bought the ATH M70X and so far I’m very pleased with it. I used the DT770 (250) in pretty much every home studio (and a lot of pro studios as well) and I always disliked it, something about how it feels on my head that just doesn’t work for me, plus there’s something about the sound I’m not convinced about I don’t know, hard to pin down, which is annoying because it’s such a classic I’d love to like it to be on par with everyone. So anyway, I’ve always liked the ATH M50, and it’s been my headphones for almost a decade (first because I was broke actually but I learned to like them and know them very well now) so I decided to go for the M70X for the flater response, and I think they’re really good, comfortable, headphones, with a very clear and detailed sound. Just wanted to add a word about it ^^

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Glad to see I’m not alone ^^

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I really dig Ultrasone headphones. Had the Pro-900 and upgraded to the Signature Pro model. Couldn’t be happier. They sound great and are very comfortable. Prices can seem steep but at least in Germany, you can often find them for fair prices on ebay. That is for new or refurbished models.

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i am happy with the phonon 4000 headphones - same drivers as their studio model, but lighter and foldable. they are quite comfortable & sound wonderful.

i’ve been using a pair of ultrasone hfi 650 for over 10 yrs and love them. they’re a tad heavy in the highs, but all in all, very transparent/balanced. believe there are some Alienware headphones that are essentially the same.

the ear pads started to wear and fall apart, but i got some comfy replacements via amazon, so they’re still chuggin’ along.

i’m looking for a second pair of headphones too tho and was originally looking at Sony’s mdr7510 but beyerdynamic’s dt 770 look like they’re pretty well received.

Did you ever figure out a solution for this, or if the hiss was coming from somewhere else? I’m looking for a pair of headphones that will play nicely with an Apollo Twin Duo, and this hiss comment is a bit concerning (I’m not sure if the headphone circuitry is the same as for the Apollo 8, but it seems likely)

Yes! It ended up being a software issue, so not one caused by the headphones or Apollo hardware. I do find that one in some contexts, especially when mixing or just listening back to music with soft dynamics, the 770s require a bit more amplification than some other headphones. That said, I wouldn’t trade them in for a different pair!