In search of new headphones

Any glasses-wearers have opinions on the DT770? My issue with a lot of closed 'phones has been discomfort where they push my glasses against the sides of my face.

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I wear glasses - and I wear my DT-880s sometimes for hours at a stretch. Love them.


I’ve never had any trouble with mine, and often wear both almost all day for work.

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i wore my dt770 long before having glasses, and that was a concern of mine, especially regarding sealing and bass reproduction.
I went for glasses with thin temples and it hasn’t been an issue in the studio 8 hours a day.

In the field, there are a few quirks, main one being, if you remove the glasses (let’s say to wipe some rain), you (at least i) need to remove the headphones to be able to put the glasses on again (which means there will be a moment where two hands need to hold three items :microphone::headphones::eyeglasses: or go back to the cart).

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Thanks for the recommendations and replies re: glasses. I ordered a pair of 770’s and they’re amazing.

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I’m looking for some headphones for home and travel use. I have some monitor headphones that I love, but I’d like to get away from thinking about music as ‘work’ when I wear them.

I’m looking at these Sennheiser HD 4.50 wireless headphones. Budget is around £150.

Also been eyeing the classic Bose noise cancelling headphones, but I’m hoping there’s something of equal or greater quality for less!

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I had a pair of the Bose QuietComfort something-or-others a couple of years ago. Bought them over the web without trying cos they get such good reviews, but didn’t actually like them that much when they turned up - they’re on-ear rather than over-ear which I couldn’t get used to and the noise reduction hissed a lot (dunno if that was a particular fault with them or just noise reduction in general). Something failed in them a couple of months later and I had the chance to get my money back, which I did, very quickly :slight_smile: May well be I just got a dodgy pair given the reviews they get.

Would still love a decent pair of over-ear wireless headphones (not fussed about noise reduction, but seems like it’s they all have it anyway), but have stuck with wires since that experience…

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GMP 8.35 D - all you need… :slight_smile:

You also can go with the GMP 8.300 D Professional, but 300ohm - better with more juice…

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in general i’m very pro-sennheiser. we have the HD 450 (i think) open back headphones and they are great and not a good reply to your query.

anne had bose noise cancelling headphones for a bit and tired of them. ymmv.

Sennheiser hd25 are fantastic sounding for the price and really portable. They’re not active noise cancelling, but block out sound well. I love mine for general use.


Exactly!!! Did not mentioned it because philmaguire asked for over ear HP… But yes, HD25 are great!!!

I’ve got some dt770 (250 ohm) , comfortable , and close out the rest of the world :slight_smile:

I’ve also got some AKG K-612 PRO which i like, when i don’t want to be ‘closed off’ from the surrounding as much… and I find a bit more comfortable, as they are lighter, and bit more air flow.

does anyone have any suggestions for reasonable headphones for general listening (not mixing) on a laptop (you tube videos, soundcloud etc ) ,
something not too big, so could be used for travel, or just keeping on the coffee table… im currently using iPhone in-ears which are ok, but think would like something else.
i guess some small wireless bluetooth, might makes sense if the battery life is good enough i don’t have to spend my life recharging them… (hmm, if they can charge via usb whilst I’m listening that could work :slight_smile: )

I like the bose soundsport bluetooth headphones. I dont think you can listen while charging, but they charge fairly quickly.

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if you want some better in-ears, the RHA S500 sound really good and are reasonably priced (damn near a steal for how good they are). recommend upgrading to some aftermarket memory foam eartips from comply or inairs for better comfort.


I use a pair of Audeze Sine with the closed back and a dragonfly dac -

Bit more $ but once you get used to Orthodynamic (monitor with HiFiMan headphones) it’s hard to go back for me.

I really like my AKG N60NC. They’re small, on-ear, wireless (but with the option to plug them in), and the noise cancellation is excellent. Battery life is listed at 15 hours, which matches my experience pretty well.

Most of all they sound very good. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them for basic mixing duty when traveling.

I use dt770s and akg k240s for recording and studio work but I’m really liking the b&o h9i for general purpose Bluetooth listening and especially travel as you can turn on and off noice cancellation. They fold up flat as well which is useful for travel.

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Recently my AKG K240’s have started to really hurt my head and ears. I’ve had them for around 6 years now, so I’m not sure why it’s happening all of a sudden, but I can’t wear them longer than 20 minutes without starting to get miserable. I’ve been intending to get a better pair soon anyways, so I’m wondering if anybody here can comment on the comfort of the K612 Pro’s. From what I’ve read they’re a bit lighter, but I haven’t seen a direct comparison from anyone that’s tried both.

Also, @JaySpirit, how do the dt770’s compare in terms of comfort, in your opinion?

Dt770s are a snugger over ear fit, a bit heavier, but to my taste much better in terms of comfort, they are what I reach for first. AKGs are looser fitting and lighter but I agree they are tiring. I can wear the 770s a lot longer without fatigue, but headphones are a very personal thing of course. If you can I would definitely recommend trying the 770s. Hope that helps.

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I have a pair of K601s which look to have near identical construction to the K612s - I find them very comfortable and wear them hours on end without issue. My only (minor) complaint is actually that I find them somewhat hot to wear due to the velour ear pads.