In the forest @ The Graham Foundation, Chicago

I composed the original score to this incredible video installation by David Hartt. If you’re in Chicago please go see it. It’s on at the Graham Foundation from September 14 through to January 6.

(p.s. The Graham Foundation bookstore will have a good selection of my cassettes available.)

“Borrowing his title from a chapter of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ 1955 memoir “Tristes Tropiques,” this exhibition continues Hartt’s investigation into the relationship between ideology, architecture, and the environment. Consisting of a film, a suite of photographs, and a series of sculptures, the installation revisits architect Moshe Safdie’s (Safdie Architects) unfinished 1968 Habitat Puerto Rico project through a contemporary lens.
Learn more on our website:…/5572-in-the-forest


Love this, Anywhere we can hear the soundtrack?

I have also sent the details of the ‘In wood we trust’ installation to an outdoor habitable wood sculpture artist* that I know.

*treehouse designer.

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Not yet, unfortunately. Thinking about doing a release in the future, but haven’t decided on the best way to present the material yet. And need to wait until at least the first leg of the gallery run is finished.

A few more sounds in this trailer :slight_smile: