In Tribute to Jiro Taniguchi (Disquiet Junto Project 0268)

Hello all…

Walk to the Water(disquiet0268)
I am a little wiser thanks to this weeks prompt and Jiro Taniguchi. Lovely art and sentiment I had never heard of until now. I used to take more time exploring my neighborhood and this was a perfect excuse to go enjoy this sunny beautiful day! Made some great field recordings, took some nice pictures and just enjoyed the open space and creek. Trying my hand at unfamiliar instruments and tunings was fun, and I hope the results aren’t too offensive to more experienced ears. The piece is two instruments, one field recording and one instance of Space Designer in Logic. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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I’m sad to have to say this again: please write your song’s link in full apart from the embed! I’m only seeing blank grey rectangles with soundcloud written in the middle.
Commenting is uneasy here since comments don’t appear under the post. Groups have stopped on SC, so I’ll only see your songs when Marc posts them as a playlist, and if I want to like a song I’ll have to remember which one and do a search in SC!!! Does anyone thinks this is convivial in any way? I long for the rich conversations we used to have on SC in the comments section.

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This was make from a recording of me walking down the aisle of an airplane. I also added an 808 drum set and some piano. The sample is processed through a vocorder (which I am slowly trying to learn how to use).

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Here’s the link to my piece –

After a long stretch of cold and grey weather, this weekend southeast Michigan was treated to sun and unseasonably warm temperatures. I took a brisk walk around the park near my home, during which I made some recordings on my phone. (Sorry for the low-end audio quality.) I chopped out three sections, normalized them, and did some EQ-ing to minimize the rumble from the wind. In Reaper, I spliced those sections together and put some multi-band compression on the master track. In the piece, you can hear vehicles going by, my footsteps on the sidewalk, a passing runner singing to headphone music, dogs barking, a passenger jet overhead, birds tweeting, and children playing.

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I think that this’s the first time that I participate in Disquiet Junto Project. I know the project since a long time ago, but usually I’m doing a lot of things… In any case, I’m a bit obsessed with walking/psychogeography and I’ve read The Walking Man, so I wanted to participate.

My contribution is just a raw field recording of a walk under the rain. It’s not new, I love walking under the rain and I have a lot of recordings, but I love this specific one because I was under a plastic umbrella and the sound of the rain drops is peculiar.

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I took a 3-minute walk at midnight (a very familiar route at a very unfamiliar hour) and recorded it on my phone. Listening back, I took note of the “tonal centers” that I walked by, found the pitches, and then re-recorded them on an old organ. I recreated my footsteps using two drums and the ice cracking underfoot using rattles.

Then I mixed in the original walk vveeerryyy quietly for a little extra “found sound” earthiness.

It was a fun start, but I don’t think it’s a whole composition yet. I was entertaining the notion of adding some very light piano. Maybe in the future.

I recorded this while traveling, and have yet to hear it over anything but cheap little headphones.


I took a long stroll through my hometown, and recorded with my mobile phone; the churchbell, the blacksmith, the suspension monorail, pedestrians, birds, cars driving through the rain. At home I cut it up in a wave editor, and assembled it. Then I came across some drafts I had played into the wave editor with my guitar, and thought of combining these two.

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was a bit in doubt with this weeks junto. so again used some field recordings i made in Thailand last year. as there are ambience recorded in the old water tower our landlord rebuilded as a very nice one room appartment in about ten meters hight,beautiful sight on a coconut tree field and lovely sounds of many kind of birds and other creatures.
took some original sounds, almost untreated and sounds i thought they´ll fit to get a wider spectrum. used Density Inst. for mangling soft some of the sounds,added stones samples and two synth sounds to the source sounds.
only took thre different reverbs for deepness and widening.

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A little late… but you know.

This weeks project inspired me to do a bunch of field recordings… just randomly threw them together and fiddled around with my OP1. Tools: Zoom h5n / Shotgun mic / OP-1

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In the email notification for disquiet0269 this link to 0268 was attached - is that right, I wonder.
So, for now and my half live duet: For my half duet I started and arpeggio, turned the modulation wheel way up and enjoyed
wonderous swirly-whirly sounds

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Just the link -

My contribution - it was on time on Soundcloud but only just been able to add it here .
A short walk on Cromer Pier in Cromer, Norfolk, England around lunchtime on Friday 17 February 2017.
An opportunity on holiday to make a short binaural recording of a walk on a pier. We had just eaten chips on the pier and were heading off to get ice creams for two 6 year olds and the grown-ups, so time was limited.
I placed the binaural headphones around my neck (no time to attach to ears properly) set to record and walked from the pier to an ice cream shop.
I managed to lag behind enough to avoid recording our conversations.
Person saying ‘does anyone want an ice cream’ is not me.
Only minor edits to remove clicks.
Extra info after conversation with sevenism on Soundcloud -
It was the first time I’d been there - to Cromer, I walked from the benches in the middle of the pier about half way down, turned left after leaving the pier and stopped outside Ronaldo ice cream shop

Oh yes I see that in my email notification I think it might be an error - should it be Record Half a Duet (Disquiet Junto Project 0269) ?
I like the swirly piece

Sorry. I messed up the link in the email.