Individual clock for each ansible / kria track via TT?

there is already KR.PERIOD but would it be possible to target each track with a separate clock? something like KR.PERIOD x y. x being track and y being the clock.

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bumping this thread as this is something i am extremely interested in. any way that i could be able to individually clock the 4 channels on ansible would be amazing.

i would really love to have a small expander module for clocking ansible vs using teletype commands but if that were possible it might just get me back into the teletype camp…


Well, I am not sending that keyboard back. No way.


i’m way overdue for doing a pull request for my kria firmware feature adds, but i may have some time soon to get it all organized and this is definitely something i have also thought would be a nice feature add and i’d be into putting it in.


This would be awesome.

You could script something like this in TT now using KR.POS x y z, and just using variables incremented by M as a clock, setting the POS on each tick to whatever you want it to be.

Tonight I added functionality to Kria to allow clocking tracks separately from Teletype with a new op: KR.CLK x

Tracks will only respond to a Teletype clock message if they’ve been switched over to manual Teletype clocking mode. Otherwise, they continue to be clocked by the master clock whether its the internal clock or from the clock input on the module.

I put the toggles for Teletype clocking in the upper left corner of the Scale screen. There was a lot of empty real estate there, but it seems kind of random to have it there. Another option would be to have enabling and disabling of tt clocking via an OP on teletype. Open to suggestions.

Here are the files if you want to give it a shot:

ansible.hex (234.8 KB)
teletype.hex (385 KB)

The Teletype firmware is branched from the latest (2.2) on the Monome repo.

This firmware also includes additional features I’ve added:


So stoked!!! Thank you for your work!

Just realizing now how great it’d be to have that as a TT op — I’ve been using custom TT grid interfaces to do remote interaction with Ansible and having a toggle without switching the grid between devices would be clutch.

Yea I think its a good op candidate. hmmm… KR.CMODE? is there another similar OP whose naming convention could be adopted?

I love this idea. (No idea how it would work though). An expander with 4 rotaries to set tempo the sent over a jumper seems like a solution without getting into tt. Additionally it could even have a single clock output on the panel to lead elsewhere?

Edit: i dont really understand coding/building a module but i am going to have a look into it anyway.

this has me imagining a multipurpose “teletype emulator” running on a teensy. just a bunch of trigger inputs. in the firmware you specify what commands are associated with those jacks… tho i guess it would only work for things like external clocking if that could be enabled from ansible/grid.

this feels like @bpcmusic territory :slight_smile:


I installed your Ansible firmware, and I love the new Kria features! But, I have also noticed that my Arc gets a little crazy when I plug it in. As you rotate the encoders, the LEDs stay lit/randomly flash, to the point that it’s impossible to see what is going on.

I re-flashed to stock and the issue went away. As a test I re-flashed your version and the behavior returned.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

yea it’s due to a change that happened in the libavr32 library that all monome modules use. it got fixed, but i didn’t update the .hex file yet:

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Awesome! At least it wasn’t something new or difficult to track down :slight_smile:

BTW the track mutes in Kria are wonderful!

yea totally! super useful.

don’t make any patterns you won’t miss too much… hoping to wrap up a new feature tonight that you aren’t going to want to miss :slight_smile:


This would be awesome with Levels on Arc as well

silly question…how to do you switch to this mode?

It’s on the scales page. There should be 4 buttons near the top left of the grid. These set channels 1-4 to manual clocking.

Aha! Thanks for you help!

Actually, not seeing that. Is it a new feature? …guess I need to flash the firmware.

Ah! It is. It’s one of the many cool things that @freqout has been adding.

I am fairly sure that the latest TT Beta has the KR.CLK X ops.

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