Inexpensive cases for table top equipment

After going through many variations of cases for table top synthesizers and other equipment for travel I’ve found these cases fit many things:

“Coleman C006 Soft Messenger Bag Cooler” priced as low as $10.58 each

They are heavily padded, water proof (need silica gel in humid places and leave the zipper cracked), well made, semi-rigid exterior, have a shoulder strap (for minimal gigs) and stack nicely inside inexpensive Rubbermaid tubs for travel by train, bus or car.

a short list of gear that is known to fit inside:

Smaller Jomox table tops including Time Woven Filter Matrix plus extras
Bugbrand Red Box effects / processors in original frames
Blippoo Box and power supply
Sound Devices 442 plus power and some cables

They fit 2 six packs of regular sized beverage cans in their normal life for an idea of inside dimensions. I’ve tried some other lunch pale cold bags for equipment, a lot of them work well, but these are the best so far.

Leaves more funds for modular :>)

Any other unorthodox case ideas?


Not exactly unorthodox but any hard suitcase and some padding. You’ll find one under your bed, in the cupboard or attic :wink:

The more concerts I did, there more I saw this was the norm

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Could we see photos please?

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A Sound Devices 442 fits perfectly with room to breathe. One of their power supplies fits nicely in the zipper pouch on top. Thick padding. One might consider some silica gel for humid environments like the one I live here in the PNW.

I travel with several of these in Rubbermade tubs. Not glamorous, but functional and low key … No one looks twice at it.

It’s worth hunting around local thrift stores to look for stuff that might hold the particular gear you have in mind. (Coming with the dimensions in your head and some measuring tape is useful, or even bringing the gear along to test)

This cost $2 for my Organelle. TDK, Case Logic cases for cassette tapes, used flute or other instrument cases, etc. might work.

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