Infinite digits - at the place

this album is inspired by one-part dream and one-part instrument. the dream-part is a recurring dream where i find myself in a extraordinary place (sometimes an expansive desert, sometimes atop an icy cliff) and its altogether beautiful, familiar, and unfamiliar.

the inspiring instrument is the korg monotron delay - the only synth on this album. its a simple $50 synth but i found that it can be amazingly expressive. its hard to use, so to aid that i hacked in midi and used oooooo to layer its monophony into polyphony. the only other instrument is a po-32 for drums. other than that, i used a field kit for live mixing and big sky + corona chorus for effects. each song is one live take. in post is added a little compression and the fade-in/outs.


Really love where these compositions take me.
Thank you for sharing.

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