Info on undocumented aleph scene "ipr"

Who made it? What is it? It’s amazing.

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could you share it? where did you find it

technically duncan made it

it’s a slight modification of his scene called “gripper”

oh hahah! ok it’s one of mine… can you share the mod?

Yeah i’ll dig it up

I know I changed tuning or range of controls (ratios of the pitch adj?) but when I get home I’ll see if there was anything else.

Really blown away. Saxophone through this, Casio, modular… gorgeous! Easily my favorite scene that came on my secondhand SD card. The acid to ct5’s mushrooms

CV inputs doing anything? And I would love to pass stereo through this monster! Guess I might have to learn some stuff for once.

hi… could you share it? would love to see the adapted version

ipr.scn (256.1 KB)

Wow totally forgot to send this back then…my bad

Is it working for you after the @skektek nonrelease?

No, unfortunately it is not

Just want to reiterate, many months later, how brilliant Gripper is, and to encourage folks to try it (again). Thank you @dspk