/// Confining spaces of random seeds. ///

2-dimensional polyrhythmic, random note sequencer.


Norns 210114
Grid (optional)



At startup a random seed of 4x4 notes are generated, these can be re-seeded in params.

The screen has eight edit positions. Navigate with E1.

Horizontally 1-4 selects four separate rows of sequencers. These trigger notes and move in one of three ways. Edit with E2.
> forward
< backward
~ random
- halt movement

E3 alters sequencer speed from /4 (slow) to 16x (fast).

K3 (hold) enables alt-edit.

o -3 to 3 Sequenced notes octave offset (edit with K3+E2)
x, 1, 2 and 5 o Sequenced notes octave range (edit with K3+E3)

Vertically there are four sequencers with their own individual direction and speed (same instructions as above E2 = direction and E3 = time).

Parameters > Edit
Load & Save
set 1-100 (including params)
Midi, Crow & Outputs
Choose midi settings and sequencer routings
Crow in 2 rising V change randomizes the note matrix
Time Routings
Route sequencer times
Scale & Notes
Choose scale and root note
Parameters for octave offsets and ranges.
Seed new random note matrix
Molly the Poly
Edit synth stuff…

PS. I hope I didn’t post this too soon, might be bugs, stuff will be added but the current state is totally playable as is.

Transport start/stop
Grid support for time routings

v.0.3b - rework of the note quantization (this was broken), param for w/syn velocity
v0.22b - midi/link transport, better octave ranges, more grid stuff, crow in 2 → randomize notes
v0.21b - more time routings, all sequencers can now be linked to all (other) sequencers
v0.2b - grid support
v0.1b - hello world!

The time routings aren’t working as expected.
Time routing does not pause with sequencers.


i can’t stop staring at that traffic jam photo.

great looking script, thank you for sharing!


This looks awesome - will give it a spin soon !

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I’ve noticed it starts of pretty dull, 4/4 with random notes in a scale. :confused: As soon as you fiddle with all the timing, octave offsets / ranges and time routing it comes alive. Exploration and setting (traffic) rules are key.

I could swear I saw an install link…

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I removed it because it’s in Maiden now.


woah! this looks so cool!!

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Thank you @tyleretters for Lattice and help on Discord.

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I don’t think I understand how the vertical sequencers work. Can you explain a bit more please? :slight_smile: Do they affect somehow only te steps that are moving horizontally? Can’t see any movement in y-axis

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Yes. There is an invisible note matrix that is seeded on boot. The vertical sequencers move these notes around the y-axis.

I might add support for editing and creating your own matrices later but at the moment they remain unknown and hidden. Only way to interact is to tame them with offsets and ranges. And of course, the vertical sequencers.

Note for all. Right after launch I noticed some nasty bugs. They have been squashed and the script is now up to date. Hopefully in a better state.


Really enjoying this with w/ and all the w/ parameters and octaves assigned to the faderfox.
One thing that might be a bug is when you save from the load and save menu, when i recall the script, it randomised the w/ synth. Not sure if the issue is from my side as i did originally set randomise to the faderfox, then cleared the setting later and resaved.

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I’ve noticed this too and will definitely look into it. The params for w/syn are copy/paste from ORCA except for randomization which I made originally for the upcoming Less Concepts. So risk is it will be an issue there as well.
Thanks for the heads up!

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Looking great! And thank you also for implementing the W/syn mode🎉

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I’ve updated with a fix for this. Hope it works as expected now.


I played with this briefly last night and wow! Loving it.


This is a really nice script! Played around with op-1 connected and added som hospital foods+prosody in ableton :ok_hand:


WOOOOW. This is incredible and def a nugget of high class :wink:

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lovely thank you :slight_smile: If I put on hold the horizontal seqs I get no sound.

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Thank you.
What do you mean? If you put them on hold they are held. Not sequencing. That’s by design. Or am I not understanding your issue?

…I don’t get sound from the vertical ones. Probably I am missing something!

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