input levels: no sound coming out of sampling scripts despite me being able to hear it going in.

Hi folks!

Strange one: when using barcode or cheat codes it doesn’t seem to record any sound that’s being inputted despite me being able to hear the sound coming out of Norns through the mixer… The input levels are at their usual point but it doesn’t register any sound being inputted despite me being able to hear it coming out. Brand new to Norns and really appreciate the community’s help…


hi peter! hope all’s well otherwise :slight_smile:

since both of the scripts you’ve mentioned rely on softcut, i’d start with ensuring that softcut’s levels are where they need to be in order to record incoming audio. visit PARAMETERS > SOFTCUT and give input adc a wiggle to ensure it’s around 0.0db.

if you’re seeing waveforms draw on cheat codes from incoming audio, but you still aren’t hearing it output, then give a wiggle to PARAMETERS > LEVELS > softcut to ensure it’s also around 0.0db

hope this helps, otherwise let us know!

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thanks Dan, yeah all’s good but I’m scratching my head about this. Thanks for getting back to me… Soft cut levels look good. Audio is passing through Norns but no processing is happening within and the input level isn’t graphically registering anything. No waveform is being registered in Cheatcodes. It’s like it doesn’t recognise that there’s audio going in and it just passes it through to the line out… Very strange…


This is sorted now thanks to Dan @ Monome

Can you share what the issue was in case someone else runs into this?

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haha of course. verrrry complex issue. my audio source was plugged into the outputs. A curious thing is that the Norns can send audio being inputted through the outputs through the headphones out as well. For that reason it can sound like audio is being inputted when really it isn’t.