Installing M4L alongside Max

Hi. I’ve got Max, but there are M4L-only patches I’d like to try.

If I get M4L, do I install it alongside Max — and if so, how? Do I change the name of one of the programs?


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You don’t need to change a name. They coexist happily

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It’s actually that same Max you already have, embedded in Ableton (and with separate license)

Differences are:

  • With just the m4l license, you can’t edit Max patches in Max standalone
  • Within m4l, Audio/MIDI Ports are handled by Ableton

Gotcha. I’ve downloaded M4L from Ableton. When I hit “install” and it transfers to the Applications folder (this is in OS X, I should mention) it queries me: “An item named ‘Max’ already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re moving?” When I “keep both” I now have a “Max” program and a “Max 2” program, which is M4L. That sound about right? (Now I need to go though the process of connecting it to Live, of course.)

Thanks very much. That makes sense. Does that mean you’ve just done away with Max and only work in M4L?

Side note: I thought there were other differences, too, like the ability to output patches as standalone applications (not that I have any intent on doing such a thing at the current time).

One is enough. The only reason would be to run separate versions of Max (say a stable older one and the newest side by side).

Yes indeed. I could even edit “normal” Max patches I think when I open the Max editor via m4l. Not sure how well that would work, not so ideal for testing I guess :slight_smile: I don’t know about standalone apps.

Gotcha. Thanks. Initializing now.

Systems … go!


This is an older doc, but it highlights a few differences:

The prominent ones I see are: 1) Changes in the way audio is handled, 2) Inability to create standalones, 3) Changes in pattr

Funnily enough, I never use Max4L and just use Max. Someday I’ll fiddle with Max4L.

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