Instruo Lúbadh

Can it do clocked synced recording? In the demo video I was under the impression that the clocking was for playing back loops?

Oh I was assuming it was for recording too. It works, there are just artifacts, probably because its dynamically altering the sample rate to keep up with the clock. Its not a deal-breaker but I was just wondering if there was a way to dial out the artifacts because there are tons of settings in the text file for quantization and was wondering if anyone had messed with it.

it is rather challenging to acheive (1) artifact-free captures while (2) arbitrariy jump cutting while (3) crossfading while (4) variably resampling. definitely requires some specialized program components and is not easily added onto an existing program that does only 3 of those 4 things.

This clip you uploaded nearly cost me upwards of $600 yesterday. What a fantastic module that can do such a thing.

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