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Okay, so I finally got the Silencer in. My verdict: I think it works!


Granted, I’m working with this setup, which doesn’t have anything that would majorly contribute to noise (aside from Arbhar, which has another Silencer on it). I had a NE Terci Ruina in the case previously, and I think that that’s what caused so much of the noise. Just to test it out, I plugged it back into my case with the Lubadh, and while I did get some noise, it was only with my volume cranked and having the Terci Ruina patched into my mixer. (Also, side note: this is the first time that I’ve intercepted a radio station with my case, haha.) So all of this to say: I think it works, but if you have a lot of modules that could cause noise issues, your results will probably vary.


Haven’t had a night of slow layering on Lubadh in a while.
Having multiple voices all ready to go at once makes it easy to forget how rewarding stacking lots of little snapshots are.


I’ve been playing around with a really fun patch this week, making heavy use of the aux crossfaders.

I’ve been using Decay mode mostly since this patch is well suited to frippertronics-style looping, but you could do it in the normal record/play mode as well. You’ll want to send your input through a VCA prior to the Aux input as well to make it easier to control the input level.

Patch dummy cables into the main reel inputs so they don’t crossfeed, and monitor your output from the Aux out.

Then set each reel to a different loop length and let them continuously overdub.

Send two different LFO’s to the input and output crossfaders and just start sending audio into it.

You’ll end up with a shuffled delay where recordings from earlier and later in the timeline weave in and out depending on which reel they got recorded to and which reel is currently audible. It’s really interesting on spoken word stuff, and you can get complex sequences playing back just from recording yourself playing a simple scale into it.


v2 firmware has landed. I wish I weren’t going out of town this weekend because I’d love to load this up and start experimenting. Looks great from what I’ve seen in the video so far.


I’d heard whispers that it was ready on MW; so cool that it’s finally out! Can’t wait to check it out! :slight_smile:

Oooh, I’ve been on the verge of selling mine for a little while… maybe this will get it back in the rack?

This is kinda wild though - buy a 2hp module to upgrade your firmware!?


Funny, I’ve been thinking the same thing!

Seems like it’ll make it easier to load/save samples, but yeah, seems like a bit of a stretch in some ways.

that module basically just relocates the usb jack to the front to make your life easier. you can do whatever upgrading without it.


Besides, the firmware is updated via the microsd card, not the usb drive. The usb drive is just for sample management (and with the new firmware functionality it makes sense to have that made more accessible)

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Ha. I literally just sold mine this week! I knew this was in the works, but hadn’t heard of a firm ETA. Curious to see how everyone finds it.

Flying by to say that you’ll all most certainly LOVE the new FW. Totally transforms the possibilities of an already great module. I’ve had lubadh since launch and was lucky enough to be included in the beta team for v2.0.
watching all the new vids ( some parts multiple times for me!) is a very sound investment while you dive in.

To reiterate @BonJoey @corbetta the expansion pack isn’t needed to get set up, and im sure there’s plenty of DIY hacky options you can introduce into your case to achieve the same purpose.

Aside from the sample library though, the expander is however an extremely neat, nice-looking and fast solution for getting stuck into all the new preset editing and hotswap functionality— customizing your configs and trying out deck combinations is a wonderful microcosm of its own to get lost in!


Has anyone downloaded the firmware yet? For some reason I’m not able to; clicking on the Lubadh firmware link on Instruo’s website just brings me back to the support page. I made sure I was using a browser without any extensions, but still can’t get to it. Anyone else having this issue?

I haven’t tried to install it yet, but I just tried out the link and it downloaded without any problem.

Okay, thanks for the update! :slight_smile: What browser are you using, by chance?

I couldn’t get it to show up either… from the video it looked like it was supposed to be a drop down menu so I did the “view source code” trick and was able to find the download link.

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I’ll have to do that, thanks! It’s so strange; I’ve never had an issue with the menu before.

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20 characters of I tried in safari

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I had no problems grabbing it from this link.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

I’m really loving how the new delay behavior works. I kind of miss the sound that V1 made when you would teak the time pot, but this new setup is way more intuitive and tape-like. Plus it’s way easier to use one reel for looping and the other for delay, now that it has variable record speed and the delay has a dedicated overdub control.

Using the reel length quantization on a delay is great. No clicking at all when modulating start and length, like when using the tape decay mode on V1, and it’s really cool to modulate the length as things are echoing through so older snippets of sound pop in and out with everything keeping in time.