{int}erpret null miniatures vol. 1 (feat. P Broderick, Aidan Baker, B Fleischmann, Taz Modi + More)

miniatures vol. 1 is a compilation of miniature pieces composed to a small set of constraints:

  • complete a musical thought
  • express it in any medium
  • reuse, reinterpret, redevelop
  • not longer than one minute in duration

We set this task to 10 artists and had them complete 5 pieces each following the guidelines. The artists were; In Morbid Colours, Peter Broderick, Aidan Baker, Taz Modi, B. Fleischmann, David Allred, Saigon Would Be Seoul, Arms and Sleepers, Grabek and A Lily.

vol. 1 is 50 tracks ranging from contemporary classical to electronic and drone but really I’d like to see the concept applied to any style. I am trying to get one completed a week and would love if anyone else would like to contribute or post them up in a thread or under a hashtag or something. We also create original videos for every miniature we post and are totally open to contributions.

Would really like to see what more people do with their minute.

No physical release (yet… we’ll see) but you can find it on all the major places here https://ffm.to/min001