Integrate Octatrack In Monome Grid Workflow?

hey guys,

i was thinking about getting an octatrack in the near future and i‘m wondering if there‘s an elegant way to combine the octatrack with a 256 grid…?

i think some of you own both devices, so i‘m interested in how you guys use them together? any suggestions? any hints? experience?

thanks in advance for your answers! :slight_smile:

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I have a 256, a 128, and an octatrack, but I honestly hadn’t thought of integrating them. Makes me want to go read the octatrack midi spec and think about the possibilities though. Seems like all sorts of mlr++ ideas should be possible. Too bad it all has to be translated through MIDI, but oh well. hmm.

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thanks for the respond @jasonw22! yeah, would be awesome to make the octatrack work along with mlr in any way… mlr is my favourite and most used app for live stuff…so i think an integration of the octatrack would possibly take it to a new level of fun, in case a proper integration was possible :slight_smile:

It would be major major surgery. I don’t really have time for it right now, given that all my attention is going to be focused on teletype for a little while. But I’ll definitely store this away on the “someday” list. And maybe someone will beat me to it!

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That sounds like a pretty simple approach. I really have underutilized ansible’s MIDI capability.

I have absolutely no idea of synth modules… i don‘t know where to start or which kind of modules i need for the beginning of this journey… but am right when i say that you can „control“ the monome synth modules with a grid and because of this you can get rid of the computer??

i made a little fictional setup in my mind last night: controlling one (or even more??) synth module with the grid, output goes to the octatrack, which samples it to a track —> you do live manipulation (let it loop)… then get back to the modules (and grids) and start over.

is this a possible scenario? as i said i don‘t have an octatrack and zero clues when it comes to synth modules…

(by the way: can anyone suggest a tutorial or a beginners guide for dudes like me, who never did their synthesis-homework??)