Integrating the DSI Pro 2's oscillators with eurorack

I’m looking into getting a Pro 2 soon, but I have a question for folks that have them.

How do the oscillators sound when you send them out direct through the CV outputs? Since you can use them as modulation sources in the mod matrix, I’m imagining I could use my euro stuff as a sort of expander, doing through-zero FM with my FM Aid, or running the oscillators through a wave folder before going back into the synth’s filters, using one of the oscillators to clock my D0, etc. Is that possible, or do the oscillators act weird once you send them out of the CV jacks?


Got a reply from someone on Reddit about this. He tried out just monitoring the CV outputs as an audio out and sent the oscillators straight to them and got stable results all the way up to C8, so it does seem like this should work!

I ordered on last night so I’ll post some results of my experiments when it arrives.


Yeah I’m really excited about it. I wanted a synth that would let me implement a lot of what I’ve come to love about modular gear over the past couple years, but also save patches, since that’s so essential to my workflow. I like to spend a few weeks working on sound design and then make tracks out of what I’ve created, rather than have to stop the flow of song-writing to work on sound design, so I should get along really well with this thing.

I don’t have a P08, but I use a Mopho x4 in pretty much everything I do and it’s essentially a stripped down version with some additions (which make it better, IMO). Unless you have some sort of MIDI to CV device, they don’t really integrate with modular in any meaningful way, no CV outs or anything. I sometimes use mine to control my modular via a CV.OCD, but you could do that with any capable MIDI keyboard.

It arrived today! I switched it on a couple hours ago and after taking some time to just noodle around with the synth on its own I hooked it up to my rack. The oscillators are a lot of fun to work with. I’m using osc 2 to modulate osc 1 via an FM Aid in this example. There’s nothing else going on with the patch since the rest of my system is wired up with a looping patch I didn’t want to take apart yet.

At the start, osc 1 is also synced to osc 2 but that stops once the noisy bit kicks in. Just sweeping through various wave forms, frequency ratios, and shape mods. The vocal waveforms sound particularly nice through this patch. It’s definitely a little noisy but the FM Aid does that with more complex waveforms.

Next thing I want to try once the rest of my rack is freed up is see if I can create a phase locked loop between two of the oscillators.