Intellijel 1U fit QC

I’ve owned an Intellijel 104HP x 4U case for about a year now and it’s been pretty great. They recently dropped a few new 1U modules and I was looking to pick some up on I came across a listing that had the noise tools for sale but noted that due to a “most likely manufacturing defect” the noise tools did not fit perfectly in the case and only a few screws (2-3) could fit. I didn’t end up purchasing the listing.

I got a new Digiverb 1U from Control yesterday and, sad to say I have the same problem. I can only get 2 screws in, the bottom or the top but all 4 will not screw in and the module sits askew.

Anybody else seen this with the newest batch of 1U intellijel stuff?

I purchased a 1U USB, Quadratt and passive mult and did not have any issues when those were purchased about a year ago.

I’d recommend you also post this question on the new (Discoursey!) Intellijel Forum.

I would second contacting us via the forum or directly. So far we haven’t received a single support request about 1U module fit. Posting on random corners of the internet like Reverb doesn’t really do much to help make us aware of any issues or to resolve them…


Thanks! I’ll send an email over shortly. I was mostly interested in seeing if anybody else on the boards had seen it or if it’s just me and that person on Reverb

@bookmil I had a similar issue at first with my noise tools tile, but was able to make it fit.

The power cable port at the module sits directly next to the edge of the pcb (which is where the edge of the case is), and so it needed to be very flat against the edge of the case to fit.