Intellijel Forum


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that we will be launching the official Intellijel forum soon. This stems mostly from the desire to try to cut down on tech support questions (of which we get a lot of these days) and also provide a place to engage in discussion about our products and product ideas without cluttering up other people’s forums.

We haven’t publicized the site yet but I thought I would throw an invite out to the lines community because it’s my favourite forum and I know it’s full of great people. I’d really appreciate getting some early adopters on board to start some discussion and work out any kinks in the setup.

The forum runs on the popular Discourse software (just like this forum, Elektronauts, Orthogonal Devices) and can be accessed via (HTTPS version will be coming eventually…).


Signed in, I have a 7U case and a few Intellijel modules so I might have questions to ask there sometimes :).


just signed up.
am excited to try plonk.
as my case does have a fair amount of intellijel items in it, I am sure to frequent.

fair warning:
I will be asking about the “save settings on power cycle” features :wink:
but I am sure you would not expect any less from me at this point…



Congratulations on your new forum, I’m a big believer in Discourse both professionally ( and musically. I hope you find it as useful and congenial as I have.

Also…love the idea of Plonk, I’m looking forward to some more demos. Good luck!


Thanks @bobbcorr :slight_smile:

@laborcamp I definitely agree with you 100%. This will be the case wherever possible!



I registered this morning but never received a confirmation email. :thinking:


Weird. There were other people who signed up since then and it was fine. I just manually activated your account though, so you should be good to go.


thank you, good man!


It’s probably in your spam folder. That’s where mine landed…